New Here and an Introduction

I have been drifting around trying to find a good journal home so I figured I would give this place a shot. I was with the OpenDiary site for about twelve years before it bit the dust. Before that, I was with another one that also bit the dust. (Is it ME?!) I write a Prosebox at the moment but I just can’t seem to get comfy there and I’ve been writing there for about six or seven months now. So we’ll see how this goes!


I live in a small country town in Texas. I’m 38. I have an incredibly cool 16-year-old daughter. I’m single (divorced). I’m a Roman Catholic convert (I was Wiccan for 18 years before that!). I’m a nanny for my sister’s four kiddos. I’ve been doing childcare-related things since I was 17 years old, actually, so I guess you could say my calling has to do with kiddos! 🙂 We have a really awesome black feline named Shebo – also known as my sweet baby boy. He’s spoiled rotten. And he has us trained really well, too.

I love photography. I’d take photos of my family every second of the day if I knew that they wouldn’t kill me. I have a lot of wonderful subjects, that’s for sure. 🙂 I also love to bake and cook. I prefer old black-and-white movies and sitcoms over pretty much anything else out there today. I’m not a prude but, really, there’s only so much violence, sex and sexual innuendos and whatnot that you can deal with. Having said that, I WILL watch anything with Tom Hiddleston in it because he’s an amazing actor (and very easy on the eyes, too, I might add).

I also love music. Bach. Mozart. My Chemical Romance. The Ramones. Old country and western. Skrillex. Steampunk. Pretty much anything but rap, R&B and “modern country” (let’s just call it rock because that’s basically what it is).

I’m a goofball. I’m sarcastic. I love with my whole heart. I sometimes put on a tough exterior, but I am a total softie.

And that’s pretty much me. 🙂

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