How ironic that these are going to be my last words.I did cause my own death after all,but I hold no grudge,considering what I did.this terrible war that has engulfed my timid dark orb. Brother turned against brother,friends against friends,ripping and taring from every limb without remorse.The sun is always setting,in-fact?… i dont even recall it raising,and the days i do see the sun, it is always dark,gloomy,gary and livid.on another day of death and blood,i stand compleatly alone,,so much so that the sky had taken the hue of the same crimson liquid that pours out of every hole in my arm,every scar on my body. A lovely shade in any other time,but it is my morbid little reminder for what i had and naver could have.. it was always just a taste of the dreams ive turned to nightmares,the ones that never end!It seems fitting this way that this is how I should die.Chaos ensued sharpened tongue,Explosions and screams of the dying in the background and for some reason i cant explain this void of life.Another consuming vampirish grin,not knowing the outcome of this meaningless battle. I looked at myself,stared for a moment at this unforeseen,this is what life has sacumbed to, defeated,alone,and doomed.i turned away,closed my eyes ignored the screams of my dying heart,my captured memories like a picture take from a camera with a broken lense,and the heaviness of the nothingness in the air that consumed my lungs with pitch black emptyness that fills and spills over and out,up through my throat in every vacant scream that always ends the same…. unanwsered,and the same stale smoky taste in my mouth.I moved in closer only to find the legendary Demon waiting outside of each and every door. My silent killer,my best friend,my one true love and purposless reason to wake up.(i feel sick just thinking about it)I put MY hand on the door handle,took one last look,then left,leaving my body in the solitude it had been so accustomed to. Maybe that’s why i fought so hard. so meaningful,hands clenched at all times,on my toes ready to spring to the first threat,not matter what it is! anything and everything will do.this RAGE fules the grip of the reaper tightning his sharp,jagged nailed hands around my throat,and as my air slowly dwindles,i smile,i smile for the sake of feeling a different pain,

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