It’s Who I Am

So, welcome to my diary! I don’t know who is reading this or who is not, but feel free to tell me if any of you are reading this! I’d like to get to know who’s reading about me out there. 🙂


Well, for starters, my name is a fake name. I am doing this for the sake of privacy. All names listed here shall be fake names, so if any of you are expecting any real names… don’t.


Let’s see what else… I’m a Catholic. So you might have to expect that. I am also asexual and am trying to raise awareness for it (so you might hear me talking about it quite a bit). Although ever since I have begun opening up about it, friends who used to be my friends have now deserted me. And I’m afraid to tell my parents because most likely they will believe that I’m lying. I don’t think I am lying by believing that asexuality does exist. Heck, I’m living proof that asexuality exists! But more on that later.


I love writing stories. It doesn’t matter what it is. I’ll just go ahead and write it! I’ve already completed a novel earlier this year and hope to someday self-publish it. I’m also working on other stories right now: one a fanfiction, the other a novella.


I also love reading. I am currently reading Zombies vs. Unicorns. It’s turning out pretty good so far!


I’m also a huge HUGE How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) fan. So you may hear me sometimes speaking up about it. I am also a #1 Frozen fan. I have practically the entire movie memorized in my head! I also like Wreck-it Ralph and Sonic too. 🙂


I’ve got two of the coolest friends in the world: Rebecca and Jason. They’re amazing and I love them a lot. More about them later though!


Another thing about me is that I am a Democrat. So in other words I might speak about my personal beliefs sometimes (no judging!).


In other words, I’m quite an interesting character. So who I am may be confusing and strange, but it’s me. It’s who I am. And if anybody doesn’t like that, they’re free to step away from this diary of mine. But whoever doesn’t mind, thanks for reading! I hope to be able to speak with each of you soon!


Anyway, call me Acacia. Pleasure to meet you! I hope you don’t mind my weird and crazy ways!



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