After “practice” today we all decided to go swimming! What started out as a fun way to spend some time, ended up in a very aggressive volleyball match between me, II, V, VIII, IX and XIII. While I, III, IV, VI, X and XI. It started out fun. The losing team has to clean the entire house, do all the laundry, the dishes, and clean and prepare all the “practice” equipment for tomorrow!

We are not the cleanest people on the planet…ok, we would make terrible roommates! This is not an exaggeration ok? IX is always looking for the easiest way to do something. So he got the bright idea to put his laundry into the dishwasher WITH DISHES IN IT and clean them! To wrap everything up, we got a new dishwasher and threw out all the dishes…yea, so you can see how this “fun game” got out of control quick.

People were purposely aiming the ball at your face, pushing other people down into the water to try to hit the ball if the other person was going to miss, tackling people, jumping, yelling, splashing, pulling on other peoples swimsuits and everything else! After all that, our team lost! Guess all I have to look forward to is “practice” and washing underwear.

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