Its the same wording but not the same words;Is this the lesson,Use discretion while approaching -my hands seem to deceive me,the scenery keeps changing. I’m nervous,painting this picture makes it harder to breatheKnowing that you’ll see right through me,it’s another lasting mark -Trying to knock down these walls-Locked the doors from the inside,Swallowed the keys-Now I’m taking the time to get back through,It’s just another line,one more to keep me,Just one more that takes me back further. Nothing feels right,Scares me to think that no one -no one feels the same as me,When will you see that it hurts so much-Hurts so much to feel like this. I thought things were improving,I thought I was getting better -I’ve come to find out,It’s only words -“I’m ok” “I’m ok” “I’m ok” ” I’M OK” Is my voice loud enough -Can you hear the urgency? Watch the blood pour out of my mouth -As the pain forms into words,Col-lapse’s my vocal coards-Believe me it’s worse. I’m sick of choking on secrets -I’ve lost all my innocence,I have nothing left,Over and over I’ll never forget last time,I’ve kept all the best parts -repeatedly played them in my mind,Until the tape popped. No more dream land -Or day dreaming, Reality hit me harder than ever before,Today is tomorrow,tomorrow was yesterday -Take it or leave it I’m not who i used to be.Theres nothing left to say,I’m a filled diary written in pen -There’s not restarting -Only cramming,Filling in the space that’s left. I can’t stay here. I can’t stay here. I can’t stay here-Its been fun-Its been fun-But I can’t stay!

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