Dear Diary: Yesterday I had an interview for a job as a Senior Childcare Assistant for the Pasco County School District. I want this job so bad, so I can become a mentor to students and be a stepping stone in their young lives. I have also been having some interesting and weird dreams about living in the mountains and like I have been there before and they are beautiful and the sky is blue and the water is crystal clear, I see deer, bears and feel like I have lived in these places in another life before my own. Maybe the theory of reincarnation is somewhat true. maybe we have all lived before in another time and place. I feel like i have lived in Ireland or Scotland as a wife of a scotsman. Another is as an american Indian princess who can talk to animals or be one with them especially wolves and horses, and Eagles. I guess it could be so, at least for me. goodnight diary until it be morrow so mote it be

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