My beginning

I have never been a huge writer, blogger,  journal keeper,  but I begin this today in hopes of finding a new outlet for my mind and to find a way to control my rapid thoughts.  I feel I have changed a lot this past year and I feel that I am coping with the lost of who I use to be.

Although,  I look back and wonder if that was the true me. Even then,  I wonder if who I am beginning is the true me as well.  I suppose you can say I’m starting this journey to discover who I’m truly am.  I feel like I have always placed myself on the back burner that I genuinely don’t know who I am at times.  With that said,  I hope to discover who I am and how to become the ultimate person I am meant to be.

So this is my beginning.  My beginning to a journey of discovering who I am. I’m looking forward to it.

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