Hey its me again… Amber, today I wanted to talk to you about Relationships.. The thing that always seems to get in the way for life. I have been in many relationships and they have ALL failed except one… me and this guy have been going at it for almost a year now and through our this year we have broken up got back together but there is one thing that we have never done… and that is give up, we never stop talking to each other. Me and this guy talk everyday either on the phone or texting. Me and this got together on November 24, 2013. Now you may think its weird for to people that have never knew each other to date.. well this past year I know more about him then he knows about me.. I know his whole life story well most of it anyway I have helped him through hard times and he has helped me through hard times. Honestly I don’t know where my life would be or who I would be with if was not in it he really does have my heart.. Now I do have to admit that I have had other relationships with other guys when me and him were not dating…. I have had my share of  being cheated on and being the cheater and I don’t like the way that I have been acting lately with my relationships….. I have had my heart broken a lot of times maybe more then I should.. But I know I always like a guy when I cry if I loose them or anyting like that. I was dating a guy awhile back his name was Jared.. and he made me smile everyday and laugh and we had our moments and I really fell for him more then I ever thought I would. But he ended up braking it off cause we were not able to see each other… See the thing was we were in a long distance relationship and a lot of people say that those kinds of things never work out but I think they do.. and maybe I am just the type of person that has to have the guy that can hold me and kiss me for me to be happy.. But wait that is not what a relationship is about I mean yeah its a great thing to be able to kiss and hold and hug the person you are with. But I wasn’t able to do that and it hurt both of us. We still talk cause we told each other that no matter what happen that I would always be his friend and I will always talk to him..(: Love can be a tricky thing no one really knows the meaning of the word love.. I know I don’t.. Love is thing that people feel differently… Always watch your heart but when that special person comes around and they want your heart give them a little bit of it at a time not all at once cause thats what gets you hurt and your heart broken….. 

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