To be happy

I have this tension which I can´t really put a finger on but there is a feeling that I have had for some days now and it makes me think that good things are coming my way, which there by the way has been a lack of for about a year or even more.

Yesterday I met with two of my best friends and I have always enjoyed being with them, although for about two years now there has been too many negative things affecting me and that have distracted me which resulting in me finding it hard to completely feel happy. Happy in the sense of that when I walk home I still have a happy feeling after I´ve met with my friends or maybe have been out doing something fun with my family. The happiness was just very temporary, in that moment, but as soon as that moment disappeared I didn´t feel as happy anymore. This was very tragic and the reasons behind all of this are going to be revealed at some point but not in this entry. Now and for probably two to three months something had completely changed in me, I have started to realize what life I´m searching for and yesterday when I walked home from the meeting with my friends I was still as happy as when I was with them.

Happiness is such a wonderful feeling when it is able to last for at least a few hours and it takes off a lot of the stress and worry I have in life and motivates me to become a better person. It might sound cliche, however this is just because it is so amazingly true.

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