So today I woke up at my moms and ate bagels with my family. Pretty fun actually. But since my boyfriends mom is on vacation this weekend  we’ll be going over there pretty soon to get some alone time. Plus I miss my cats. I wish I had some more clothes. Every time I ce over my moms I see her and my little sisters always have new clothes and after the robbery in baltimore, I don’t have any clothes left other  than a couple spanks shorts and a few donated t shirts  my gay best friend Jacob collected for me. I feel homeless. Again I’m counting down the days until I get my apartment. My cats roam free I’ll be able to take my extra lump sum and gets some god damn skivvies for my boyfriend and me. You see he lost everything too.

I am now writing again. An hour or two has passed and we have not left dallas to go back to Arlington where my boyfriends mom house and my cats are. I’m only staying because my mom says to eat since there isn’t any food over there at the moment. I am kinda hungry. I miss my cats I’m feel like a bad parent. Good thing I’m not an actual parent. Thanks to birth control. We’ll I’m signing out. I kind of wrote a little early today but that’s cool. Alright !!!



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