Back in Texas

Living with my boyfriends mom is hard. I’m tired of my cats being in a cage half the day. I mean I know four cats is too many but if it was up to me I’d have my place by now. I’m counting the days. Two weeks down and two to go. Lord…. I’ve been eating wayy too much fast food and I can feel myself gaining weight. I can wait to start school this semester. Free gym membership and no meal plan. I hope I get a little more fit. I love the mess out of my man but I feel like we’re a little distant. We still entangle our feet while sleeping so it’s nothing detrimental. It’s probably the stress of living with his mom this month. Oh boy today I got a good guilt trip from my grandma and the money I owe her. I need to hurry up and finish school so I can throw her a stack or two and call it even. I know I’ve mooched, but damn I’m in my third year of college just cut me a littttle slack.

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