First day on ADD meds

I feel fucking amazing. Alive if you will. I have never felt like this before so open and free. I feel like I could accomplish anything. I reached my 2 mile goal on the treadmill today. I cleaned my whole house and I wanted too. It was not a hassle it was not a struggle. I do not feel tired or depressed or like I’m coming down from anything. I feel like I should have been like this from day one. I have gone 20 years untreated. I felt so validated yesterday when I was diagnosed with ADD and Depression. I have known for a long time that I was different or that something just was not right. Now seeing the effects of the meds I feel like a new person. A better person. A person that can accomplish, overachieve, reach greatness. I hope others that are untreated right now will find their way to a diagnosis and experience the same joys, happiness, and accomplishments of their first day. If you need medication to become better then so be it. Don’t ever let someone let you feel bad because you want to seek help. Sometimes you have exhausted all other options and this is the path you have to follow to reach absolute real blissful ¬†peace within yourself. I have never felt so much balance and this is only day one. Some may call me crazy for not wanting to say this after a week or two. You just have to understand that going 20 years with no focus and being told that you are just not trying your best or your hardest. I know that I have always tried my hardest but after so many years shit gets old and you give up. Life seems endless and it seems like your just running in circles with nowhere to go. Even when you know your going places and you know deep down that your smart and your mind could be unlocked and reach such heights. My mind feels so free like it could reach the skies. I have always believed that their was something blocking it from reaching its full potential. Have you unlocked your mind? Do you feel free? Because up until today I felt trapped inside myself. I felt like there was nowhere to go even though I had completed High School and I am a Junior in College. The world is full of many things and now I feel that it is going to be full of me and my creativity, honesty, and intrigue. I am full of so much passion and now I can finally release it.

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