Just like a Rockstar, no one likes you when you stop drinking or stop doing drugs…

That’s what my boyfriend told me tonight and it has me wondering whether there is some truth behind this.

You see,  the past few weeks (maybe even months)  I have been wondering who my true friends are and if true friendships even exists.  Recently,  I made the decision to stop consuming any form of alcohol.  This does not mean I look down on those who drink or that I wish to surround myself with completely sober individuals. I’ve just decided that drinking contributes nothing to my life nor do I like dealing with hangovers or feeling crappy.  I have things to do.

However,  I feel that my choice has not been looked upon as lightly by peers.  As a young adult,  the social norm is to go out and have fun,  a type of fun that only exists by being completely drunk or that alcohol has to be involved in some form of way.

Not only do I feel that I have been judged by those who are my friends for my choice not to partake in the consumption of alcohol, but I also feel that my social life had taken a hit.  I feel as though I am looked over because I’m not the friend who you can go grab a drink with. And that really really hurts because I would assume that alcohol should not be the basis of a friendship. Especially friendships that I feel I have given more into then the opposite person.

However,  what no one ever realizes is that I still enjoy their company and we could still grab a drink,  except my choice of drink may stand on the Virgin side.  I still want to be part of the party but I want to remember the evening and talk about the memories the next day.  I want to enjoy life in great company even if they include a couple of drinks consumed by others n not me.  (I can actually tolerate being with drunks without being a drunk myself)

But it’s just not the case and I now stand wondering how do I handle such situation and how do I fit in without consuming alcohol and being looked down upon.

I guess I’ll figure this out as I go.


On a more personal note,  I should mention that my father,  who is my number one hero,  suffers from alcoholism (whether we admit it or not). Sometimes I just wonder when the day will appear when my dad’s life is taken away due to alcoholism.  Sometimes I feel the time is closer then I expect.  (sometimes it’s scary,  sometimes I don’t know if I just accept the fact and fate)

Many of my close personal friends know this and have known the struggles I have faced and continue to face due to his actions of over consuming alcohol.  Thinking about this situation sometimes upset me because I am choosing to NOT partake in something that has caused me much pain.  Yet I feel shunned for not enjoying a couple of drinks.  I am looked down upon for choice a healthier choice for myself.

Sorry I can’t turn up,  it’s just not fun for me.

One thought on “Just like a Rockstar, no one likes you when you stop drinking or stop doing drugs…”

  1. I think you’re beginning to realize that “beer buddies” are not real friends. They’re there for the fun times, but when you need them for other things, they can’t find the time for you. Most of us have experienced them in our lifetime. Now it’s your turn.

    People like that are not worth hanging around. Worthless. You can do better. Find sincere friends who like you for you……not because you act like them, slobbering, foolish drunks.

    It’s not a bad thing, to lose a bad thing.

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