Conflicted// Coin.

Conflicted// Coin.

This is the story of how I slowly went insane.


I should’ve known.

Everything good comes with a whip of evil. How prettier the thing, not talking about outside looks and beauty but the value it had in your opinion, how worse the punishment that hangs above it.

I’ve had been lucky to have Dylan. Somehow he was like the cliché reference “a brother” to me, though I never had much with my non-understanding family. But he was, shallow to say, beautiful as the person who deserved to love me. Knowing as the person who I could trust and rely on. Cuddly and comforting as the person who I could wet his shirt with my tears.

Dominant as the male he turned out to be after evil erupted in my life and shook it up, bringing our relationship in danger.

I had never noticed Dylan had any bad qualities, he seemed flawless every time I laid eyes on him and I was surprisingly okay with that. Somehow I needn’t to worry about self-consciously not being good enough for him, saying stupid things and be afraid of him walking out on me. I needn’t to prepare myself in any way, I remained who I was. Maybe only happier when he was around, he tend to make my lips pull up in those genuine appreciative curves.

Evil approached me whenever he could, he didn’t seem phased by Dylan’s overprotective state, he basically laughed it away. He led me on when he wanted because nothing could hurt his power. It was the strength of our relationship that got him frustrated because his tricks on me were useless when I was drowning in the adonis that passed his time by my side.

He was powerful. Powerful enough to literally creep into my mind at night and torture me in my sleep, where Dylan was no help at all and only his victim to get me to surrender in order to provide his saving. Powerful enough to pull Dylan away. The worst part was I didn’t even realise he was gone at moments that became more frequent as the days passed.

I had absentmindedly always let Dylan take care of me. Maybe that was the reason why his sudden disappearances didn’t bother me, somehow I still felt close enough to being safe. Although it was just the wall of lies that the evil had offered me. He had switched places with Dylan and when we did meet, my angel never mentioned it. That was how manipulative and intimidating the creatures luring in the dark were.

I wasn’t meant to find out and it didn’t happen any time soon. But secretly I became like a coin with two sides, the good and the bad. I’d have to choose on which side I’d drop. Only it wasn’t as easy as planned and there was more than just an easy line between good and bad because there were sides from both of them that I had rather stayed clear from.

I didn’t need for Dylan to get mad at me more frequently and I didn’t need for the evil to open his arms and invite me to a deceiving place that lured around the corner.

But yet, that was still what happened.


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