Yea so this me

I Guess this would be my Hello, Introduction … what ever the hell you feel like calling it. This was started so i have a place to write and let lose and explode and cry and whine … the yesterday, today’s, tomorrows …. (so clique) The good the bad and the ugly ^_^

If you decide to read this …. i don’t need your fucked up comments about what you think, or how stupid i am …. no where will i ask for your opinion … so … keep your 2 damn cents in your pocket! I have enough of my own shit goin on without fighting with some know it all that thinks they know me and can fix all my problems. Hey you wanna bitch , complain and share vents… be my guest. it’s nice to know your not alone

For you people watchers, you would NEVER in a million years figure me out. What you see, if not what you get. I have friends tell me that if looks could kill i’d be a deadly weapon @.@ Yeah, I can be a bitch but i also have a huge heart. That’s what seems to get me in the most trouble and brings out the bitch in me (not to mention some mental issues but that’s for another time) I drink, cuss, smoke, 420, party hard, like kinky sex, listen to loud music, have tattoos and piercings, i love to hang out in my pajamas all day and be a bum…. but looking at me … you wouldn’t think any of that … Well, maybe the pajama part. *shrug* Im a wife an ex wife a mom, a step mom, was almost a grandma 🙁  I love muddin and getting dirty as much as i love glitter and perfume! Now that’s sexy! 

I’m just as happy watching a Disney movie, especially Tinkerbell and Cinderella as i am watching Saw (ALL of them) awesome movies!

That is about all i feel like writing for now, its late, I’m tired and work and stress and bullshit all comes to fast in the morning. Sad part is, when i do get some quiet time i am just to damn tired to enjoy it and have a million and one things on my mind that i could and SHOULD be doing and that one molecule of my brain that says, “Fuck it!”. It usually wins. On that cheery note i am going to bed. *sleep please come for me*


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