Busy day!

From the second I woke up, today’s been nothing but running from one place to another and back again! “Practice” was a major stress release thank god! I wakes everyone up around 8:00 in the morning for “practice” but today he woke us up at 6:00 giving me only 3 hours of sleep! So you probably know what I was thinking about during “Practice.” Punching him right in the face! But I was punching X in the face…Still a big stress reliever!

We went to take care of the garden for a few hours, went down to the cemetery for…well you don’t need to know. We just went down there for our reasons, ok? After that we walked about half a mile to clean the pool. We were given a thank you by swimming for an hour. The one time today I thought I could relax NOPE! Apparently we missed a frog that had gotten stuck in the pool and it somehow got tangled in my hair!

I’ve never screamed so loud in my life, and nobody would help me! They all just stood back, watched and made fun of me! How would you feel if a frog was tangled in your hair and hopping around? It feels nasty! And I get to do even more of this tomorrow! My body already hurts.

Signing off


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