It’s been awhile

to write a journal here. the same thing that I have been saying that yeah I have been very lazy for this. Although nothing really going on with my life, I kind of feel like busy and tired all the time. Also feel like missing something really important in my life and don’t really know what it is? Am I getting lonely for being myself for too long? do I need a girl friend? do I need a new job? or a new fresh project to work on? I don’t know. it’s just something that I’m not quite satisfied about my life…

It’s 6 AM on Tuesday. I got up so early today by no reason. cause I went sleep before midnight? or my body wants to do something in the morning before I go to work? Anyways, I’m fully awake now and probably not going to go back to sleep.

It’s got little cold here in Chicago which makes me think that summer is going away. Time goes by fast and I’m not getting things that I want which makes me little nervous and uneasy.

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