Not the Average Workday

My name is Cassandra Hobbes and I’m a waitress. Its a bittersweet occupation. I love serving customers, but my hours suck eggs. I only work about 25 hours a week. Not to mention the fact that the customers are kind of tight-fisted when it comes to tips. This is basically the only way I can make money, So I just have to deal with it until I turn eighteen.  Today started out as it usually does. I was at work, taking orders and serving people, when these two guys walked in. Based on what they wore and how they acted, I knew exactly what they were going to order.  They ordered, and as usual, I hit it right on the nose. It must have attracted attention, because a boy, around my age came up to me for a table, then asked me to predict how he wants his eggs! I did, and and I must have gotten it right because he looked pretty satisfied. He never told told me if I was. After he’d eaten, he left a TWELVE dollar tip (wow!) and a card. At the sight of the card, I lost every breath in my body and struggled to keep my composure. It was a business card. The company name was the first thing to catch my eye.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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