So my boyfriend as you can see in the photo provided (he’s j cash) has been a little distant. Walking out the house going places without saying anything. Taking his phone out if my hands even though I had no intentions of going through it. Idk just weird. It has been a year maybe he’s venturing out a bit. Don’t know what to say about that. Saddens me but I won’t pry. Just see where it leads him and how he really feels. I love him my chest is hurting right now the way it does when I’m about to cry. I’ll be okay. Nothing is 100% right now anyways I may be acutely paranoid. I have a week and a half to go until I get my own place. And two weeks until I start school. I feel like something stuck it’s hand down my throat and is trying to grab and rip out my heart and lungs all in one tug. Deep breath. Signing off.


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