Eric van

I wanted you to invite me to your apartment. I’m thinking about you. I am. And tomorrow I am flying to see my boyfriend to his home so, I amb being cruel. I can’t help it. I could tell everything, my thoughts to him, and so what? I don’t know what I want, I don’t even know if I don’t want to be with him forever because he is a right guy and not the kind ‘right guy but he is no interesting’. He is intelligent and handsome and I really like and admire him. His elegance and sweetness, but also his perspicacy, I really like him, but when we are far away I kinda forget what It is when we are together and I forget that I want a serious relationship with him. So I don’t tell him about my doubts because after I will change my mind but the words said can’t be erased.

But he didn’t invite me. Probably I won’t see him never again, so this will be forgoten.

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