Feel stronger

Hey dairy where do I start I’m not well let start off with that I haven’t been for a long time now but I believe in god and myself that I can pull through it . I Finnish school in July 2013 last year I been going school at career development I meet new friends learn so much I really am thankful for it all… My love life well that another story I don’t really know how it going it been up and down but I staying strong not only for myself but kyle I really do love him I want to settle down I know I’m young but so what …. He really a nice person I really love him my parents keep telling me education first work and money get myself settle then I can study boyfriends and children my issue is I don’t know when I’m going to dye or what going to happen tomorrow or today I want to at least get something in life that not money and education I want a family and love I mean real love even if it for a short time… I’m young but still I’m human i have needs real needs too I had a interview for nursing at college I got another interview coming up for the same college I don’t get into poly but im not vex or mad I’m cool I may be upset I was still hoping that I get in but and i know I wasn’t going to but I still was hoping …. But that life¬†

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