Not In My Head

I got off of work about 2 hours ago. My shift was a tiring eight hours today! I rushed home because I really needed to find out what the Hello Kitty was going on. On my way to my room, I ran in to Nonna, Who talked for what seemed like hours. After I broke free from her, Uncle Rio went on with his daily routine of assuming I was with my (Non-Existent) Boyfriend. I went up to my room, took the card out of my pocket, and looked at it again. THERE IT WAS. In fine print.

Tanner Briggs

Special Agent

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The boy from the Diner looked WAY to young to be working for the FBI. He looked to be about eighteen. He can’t be “Special Agent Tanner Briggs”. What would the FBI want with me anyway? I haven’t done anything Illegal! This has to be a setup. Maybe Its a prank. But wait!  What If It Actually IS the FBI trying to contact me because they have Information regarding my mother? Could they have FINALLY found her Killer? Or even better, Could they have found HER? I flipped the card over. There was writing on the back that read “Cassandra, PLEASE CALL.” Must be from Special Agent Tanner Briggs. I looked closer. Under the message was another. It read “If I were you, I wouldn’t.” Who could’ve written that? The boy from the diner? Is he a messenger for the FBI possibly? That seems more logical. Either way, this is Creepy.

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