Messy thoughts for all

Today has been an odd kind of day, had so much on my mind, so confused and lost…..(NOTHING NEW) But today was different. I was seeing things different & for some strange reason I didn’t know how to feel about it at all. I didn’t want to talk to anybody, see anybody, I wanted to be alone, to figure through my thoughts, which would have been cool if I could infact figure them out. It’s so jumbled…one minute it’s about Zac ( this guy I have a thing for but so confused about it all) then it’s about my family, then the past and future & then the process just repeats itself, I’m so unsure as to why my head thinks this is normal….when in reality it wasn’t….wish there was a cure to fix it. 

I’ve decided to make a online journal, because well; I need somewhere to express myself & in this case some will say BUY A BLOODY BOOK AND WRITE YOUR FEELINGS DOWN! But with being a tech savy Gen Y human, I thought I might try online journals hoping none of my friends find it haha, sad huh. 

I’m enjoying it though already, as I type I feel a sense of release, as in the sadness & anger is just being sucked out of me, it’s a purifying feeling, 

I Hope this feeling continues as I think I could really benefit from this, As of tomorrow, it’ll be like being a open book 


laters haters xx

2 thoughts on “Messy thoughts for all”

  1. You probably have anxiety. I for one have the worst anxiety and dread on every little thing.. I Over think everything but then eventually I’ll start to calm down. But this is a great way to get your feelings out!

    By the way I hope my friends don’t find my journal either haha. Best of luck!

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