Piercing my lip again!

Ok, so as I’ve said before I have my lip pierced on the left side; just a little black and white loop that I did myself a while back. Well, now I’ve decided to pierce the other side! …Ok I let XII do it because my hands are too sweaty. Man he is rough! At least it’s even, I would look stupid if it wasn’t! But now my lip is swelled up a little; normal with home piercings so I’m not worried. It’s just REALLY hard to talk. After we got the ring put in everyone started making fun of the way I sounded. Oh well!

It will get better soon and it will look awesome! I just hope I don’t get kicked in the face during “practice.” When I got my first piercing X kicked me right in the face and somehow almost ripped it out! I have a high pain tolerance, but that kick had me on the floor screaming and crying! Don’t mess with someones new piercings!

Signing off


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