Who are you?

It was only about 2 pm. I had just met my grandma and grandpa. My grandma calls me inside and says “It’s your dad, he wants to talk to you.” I take the phone “Hello?” “Hi, it’s your dad” “Hi.” “How have you been? I miss you” “Good.” “That’s good. Do you know why I’m in here? It’s because I got a minor traffic infraction (? I think that’s what he said)” “Oh, everyone said it was for really bad stuff..” “Well, that helped. But that’s the main reason I’m here. Do you want to come see me? I have a hug for you. Do you have one for me?” “Mmhm.” “Good. What’s your address. I’ll write you a letter. Will you write me one?” “Yeah” “Ok. Ask your grandma for my address.” “Ok.” “Hey, you know I love you right? It may not seem like it, but I do. I love you a lot.” “Mmhm.” “How’s your mom doing?” “Good. She’s trying to get better. She was in rehab for a month and now she’s trying to get a house.” “Good. Promise me something, will ya?” “Sure.” “Never do drugs. They’ll fuck up your life.” “Yeah, I know.” “Ok. How’s school?” “Good. I’ll be in 11th grade this year.” “Oh.. Wow. That’s great. I heard you’re learning how to drive. That’s awesome.” “Yeah.” “Ok, well I have to go. I love you. I hope to see you sometime soon. You’ll come see me right?” “Yeah.” “Ok. I love you. Can I talk to your grandma?” “Yeah, here she is”

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