It’s Moving Day!

Three days after I told Nonna that I was leaving To D.C., Michael came to pick me up in a really cool black car. Must be FBI issued, (We get cars?!) He looks completely different than he did at the diner and different from when we were at the office. Nonna told me goodbye and how much she’ll Miss me, then Michael opened the trunk for my bags. Nonna had to tell him to be a gentleman and help and I giggled a little. We got in the car and left for D.C..

Michael drove REALLY fast. During our drive, I discovered that he reads emotions REALLY well. I also discovered that he doesn’t want me to profile him. That explains why he looks different every time I see him. I asked him about the car and he said that they’re not government issued. (darn.) He told me that he made Briggs give him the car as a condition of joining the program.

We got to the jet (A PRIVATE JET! ) and took seats. I was tempted to sit with Michael, but I took the seat in front of him. If he doesn’t want me to profile him, why should I let him read my emotions? Let’s see him try to read the back of my head!

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