Everyone’s got something to sell

Everyone’s got something to sell
All of us are going to hell
Human products on every shelf
Everyone’s got someone to sell

Market your looks
You’re a living doll
Manufactured beauty queen
Available in every mall
No one buying?
They’ll tell you why
They’ll find you a niche
That’s sure to satisfy

How do they like you?
How will you know?
Social media tells you so
Click on the ads
They’re all half price
Disposable souls
Doesn’t that sound nice?

Walking commercials
With catchy headlines
Living propaganda
Get with the times
Look at me! Look at me!
Giving it all away for free!
Desperation on your knees
Gratification, instantly.

Buy me some happiness
And I’ll buy yours
Use me all up
Everyone’s a whore
On to the next buzz
Tired of the old
A new wave society
Waiting to get sold

Plastic and cold
Detachable decay
Show me your worth
You’re worthless today.

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