I feel tired

I’ve never been one to share with others how I feel. I have always kept my feelings, my fears, my dreams, my everyday struggles to myself, but lately it has been so hard to keep it all together.  I dont know why I feel so unhappy, so emotionally drained, so…..tired. My life hasn’t been all that easy but and I hate that I make myself seem like a victim when I have caused my own “struggles”. Ive discovered something about myself, I like to lie. I don’t mean to but it comes so naturally. I think I have a problem, but I dont know how to go about it. I also discovered that I like to be alone. All i want to do when I come home from work is change into comfy clothes and lay in bed. My boyfriend tries to motivate me and has suggested that I find a hobby, that irritates me!.  Can’t he understand that I jist want to be alone?! How can I explain to him that I feel TIRED. Im 22yrs old and Im feeling tired. I dont understand how thats possible. Am I going crazy?

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  1. So ive taken your advise and have been spending more time with people. It has somewhat helped and i feel a small change in my attitude. I have started exercising and i feel like my energy is going into something more productive and beneficial. Thank you very much i really appreciate for your advise

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