Five day stay…

Ugh, I have been dreading this so much! Five day hospital stay! Every persons dream right? Five whole days sitting in a hospital bed that feels like a giant pile of bricks, can’t roll over or do anything so you might as well be awake. That constant annoying beeping sound and people going in and out of your room. Phones ringing and people talking right outside your door. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?…Hell no.

I said he was goanna take me up there. At least he’ll be mature about it and not make constant smart ass remarks like VIII and IX. Don’t get me wrong I love those guys to death, but sometimes I really want to punch them right in the face as hard as possible!

…I don’t know. My mind is going a bazzilion miles a second due to the giant monster I drank a few hours ago. Goanna be up all damn night. I always regret drinking those stupid things, but they’re sooooooo good!

Signing off


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