What lies ahead?
Can we really tell?
Too many happenings can drive us mad.
Some just love causing a fiery hell.

Where do we go from here?
So many things are left unsaid.
There are things I still fear.
Do I still have enough time to wait?

What if peace gets distorted and shattered again by hate?
What if the last plane you’re about to take just flies you nowhere,
but to Death who never turns up late?
Will there still be that chance to show how much we care?

So what lies ahead?
Can we ever really tell?
Hopefully we won’t always be too scared
and still believe that God shall keep us well.

In the meantime,
let’s not always wait.
We’ll never get to see the end of the line,
until the day it’s all too late.

Whatever lies ahead,
I hope there’s always a chance for love to be.
I hope it won’t be so bad,
and there’s something worthy of love for you and me.


(Jakarta, 1/8/2014 – 1:45 pm)

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