just cant let go

One day, I’ll say I’m over you and mean it. (Pretty Ricky)

My heart feels so lost. I made these choices, these decisions. I chose to walk away. I chose to lose it all for what I have always known. My life is exactly as it should be. Than why cant I just let go. Why is it months later and I still wonder how? are you okay? do you think of me from time to time.

Taking a trip to take my kids to see their grandmother was hard because it was filled with memories. I try to keep my mind busy and i pray that it will just fade away. I think that maybe I will. That i can erase 8 months of my life. Unlikely. I dont understand it. How could this person affect me so deeply?


Sweet lady would you be my
sweet love for a lifetime
I’ll be there when you need me
just call and receive me

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