Love doesnt exist

So as kids we all grow up with this sense of innocence. We believe that no one can hurt us and that no one will. We keep our hope in magic. We think that beauty is all that is needed and that the truth is always told. But then life hits you. And it hits you hard. You wake up one day, happy and still young and still innocent. And then it happens. Something runs at you full force, void of caring, and it’s menacing and dark. And it doesn’t care about your innocence, or what you believe in, or how happy you are. It just hits you. And then your eyes open, and your world is shattered. The truth no longer exists, love is just another word thrown around. People swear that they care and that want to love you. They tell you all the beautiful things that you once believed were true, and then the moment you turn around, they stab you so hard that you have no time to be shocked. Children are raised to believe in the truth, and happiness. But only few grow up to truly find it. And if they do, its in the wrong places. It’s hard to grow up and see the world for what it is. It sucks and no one likes it. We get used and thrown aside, and taken for granted. You can seem like the happiest person but in reality you are just another used and torn up soul. You cry alone, and spill your heart to the empty air around you because you know that that is the only safe way to release the pain. You are born alone, you live your years in false company, and then you die alone. It is only in solitude that we live and grow and breathe. Because those among us only want to hurt us, and those who claim they dont, are never trusted. The beauty that we all once held has been shattered. And love no longer exists. Love has been replaced with a darker emotion. One full of hate and deceit.

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