My children

My children are my reason to breathe. They are the reason I get up in the morning. Even when they drive me up the walls and I want to pull my hair out I see them in a peaceful moment or they see me hurting and it makes it all go away. These next two weeks are going to be hard without them but with everything their grandmother is going thru right now, I know spending alittle time with them will help.

My son is amazingly helpful …… SOMETIMES…hes so smart and caring and loving. He takes on a lot of responsibility for a 6 year old but he amazes me because of how well he handles it. He is there when I am hurting and sad.

My daughter is my angel. my princess. She is so carefree and loving. She has the most tender touch and kisses. I am so blessed by her joy for this world.  oh i miss them. i cant wait to see them

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