friends and breakups

so, yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day on the phone with my bestie after a bad break up with her boyfriend.  It is hard for me because I want to be the best friend I can and be really supportive because I can hear in her voice that she is really upset; however I couldn’t stand Ray, I think he is a sociopath and narcisistic at the very least.  He’s an alcoholic with no future and he has brought her down since she left her husband to be with him.  She knows I wasn’t  fan of leaving her husband Jason, yet I still supported her because it was clear she was not happy and was looking for a change.  I tried to be fair and give Ray a sporting chance but more and more I realized he was dragging her further into alcoholism, she was getting so furious she was actually having visions of hurting him and the fighting had gotten completely out of control.  She is in Oregon and I am all the way in Arkansas, so it is not like I could just go swing by and remove her.  Now that it is over I am glad for her, I can see it is for the best.  I just hope she can see that too.  I must say though  I hope she never goes back to his house.  I feel like if she does it will be the last time I see her.  He gives me the creeps.  I did vocalize to her I think he might snap if he sees her again.  She said he repeatedly called her last night and was suicidal and drunk.  I worry for her and I worry for her son.  On another note, I am staying in bed today, my foot hurts and I’m cranky and crampy…. 🙁 booooo

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