Guys Are Stupid.

What is it with guys? It’s like they want to be upset at by girls. I don’t even understand why they would want girls to be upset at them when they know how vicious girls’ wrath can be. Let us share a story!

I met a guy, who we shall call Mark, on a social media app and we got to talking. He was a normal guy who had the worst texting manner ever, but I decided to ignore that. I guess that should’ve been clue number one that he was a total A-HOLE. Anyways, he was quite interesting. Moving on, he used a line to get my number and since I was so naive and really just wanted a friend, I accepted his line and we started texting. We then decided to meet in person for the first time and it wasn’t anything special. I wasn’t nervous and it just felt like meeting up with a friend. Then, he did something totally expected.

He kissed me.

It felt good. It felt right.

The next day, I went over again and we just started playing around and fondling and it was nice.

We had sex a couple days later.

It’s been about five days and I have not heard from him since. Jerk.

The thing is, my friends told me he looked like a D-bag who thought of me as a piece of ass. I didn’t want to believe them because for the first time, I was with a guy who wanted to kiss me and cuddle. I felt good with him and I liked him. Plus, he was older and good looking, so that was a bonus.

I haven’t heard from him in a long time and I’m honestly just annoyed. I like to believe that people are good and aren’t the stereotypical type of people people assume them to be. But, I was wrong with this guy. So wrong and my friends were so right.

He looks like a jerk and he is one too. How well that worked out for me.

I am the type of gal to get emotionally attached quite quickly and having a guy who I had sex with not reply to my texts annoys the hell out of me. I’m frustrated.

I cannot believe there are still guys who use girls to get some. Like seriously?

I honestly now believe that all guys are jerks and I don’t think anything or anyone will change my opinion. Unless the guy is a God or like Jimmy Fallon, all guys suck.

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