Undecided in California

So I been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now, we have known each other for 3yrs. Our relationship started in a really odd manner, we were basically friends with benefits and I cant help and think that maybe we should of kept it that way. He is 8 years older than me and he has a lot going for himself. He recently got hired at a well paying job and i am really excited for him! But heres a catch, it is in the state of Texas and we are from California. He has asked me to move with him and since I was having some family problems I jumped at the suggestion, but now I am really not sure if im ready for this. First,  because I dont know how to tell my family (mom and older brother) “hey im moving to Texas with my new boyfriend”; second, im not sure if im ready to settle down with this guy me being only 22, third, I question his feelings for me. We havent been dating long enough be sure about this big move, I feel like we know nothing about each other,  we have nothing in common, and I think I am too immature for him which makes me question why in the world is he dating me! He tells me if I move with him i will not be working and ill be going to school full time, which is great because ill finish much faster!  The thing is ive had a job since I was 13yrs old and I dont like the idea of me not making any money for myself. I have never depended on others financially and the thought of asking him for money everytime I need it makes my head spin.  I really dont know what to do and I have to make a decison soon since the move is happening in a few months. I just wish he would tell me how he really feels about all this. Is he sure? Is he doing it just because he sees all his friends settling down and feels he should do the same? Does he really love me?  God give me strength so I can make a decision.  Any advise and opinions are welcome

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