My Sunday

It’s been kind of busy Sunday. Church in the morning and picnic in the afternoon with skating group that I love 🙂 The weather was beautiful and there were bunch of new people showed up for the first time. We had really good time at the lake till almost 6 PM. Now I’m trying to wrap up the week. just finished writing journals for week and doing laundry.

Feel like I have a lot going on. I really need to sit down and organize stuffs. I will have to write it down by priority and do things one by one. I guess my new freelance work will be the first thing that I have to finish up this week which I’m already working on it. then spend some time with my personal projects that I have neglecting for a while. I feel really guilty for that.

Things are still really mess in my head right now and I will try to organize them after I put my laundry to the dryer lol

I was talking a picture above and my friend took a picture of me taking that picture. that’s what’s going on with pictures 🙂

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