I find it endearing when she sleeps. Her hair gently folding into her face, the soft sounds escaping her lips. Does she possibly know just how brightly she shines?… simply being. Perfect.  Now at this juncture, i must admit, i have been brazen enough to act confident. Inside though, i shudder and shake at what best laid plans god has forthcoming. I am not a woman of god, nor do i subscribe to Atheism. I find beauty purity and perfection in all. More than this she helps me EVERYDAY to realize the strength of true love. I am sustained on hers alone. Does this carry for her as well? Does she feel the inner peace when we sneak smiles from across the room? Or embers of all chaos shattering when her hand slips into mine on that short drive to the corner store. Spending time just talking about plans we have for the rest of our lives together. Forsaking what anything that does not sync. I could spend a million lifetimes battling hell’s fiercest demons just to make sure a smile stays upon the pink perfection i call her lips. My wildest dreams never painted such a lucid fairy tale she has provided me.  I call her my love, my best friend, my partner, my sustenance. I call her BEAUTIFUL.

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