My struggles,, my pain

She was just an ordinary girl

daddy sippin colds, momma snortin coke

got caught by police

daddys running loose

mommas serving 2

she was living in a cold world

daddy came to hurt his little girl

he seen her more than a 5 year old

momma “didn’t know”

first came the touchin

then came the kissing

he didn’t know how she hurt

broken, bretrayed, shattered

never said a word

11 years pass hes makin up for loss time

forgetting all the lies

shes 17 now daddys on his death bed

passes on a sunday

September 22 2013

she cries, she runs she falls to her knees

not once has she told him how much shes forgive him

never did she say how much she loved him

daddys little girl… cries for months

wishin she would die

wishin she would have gotten a last goodbye

daddys little girl still hurts and bleeds

daddys little girl will always be me






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  1. I really loved this how u explained everything…

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