A New Start

I felt the need to start writing again, however I found out that the place where I used to write…opendiary…is no longer there.  This saddens me.  I had been writing there off and on since college.  I feel like a piece of me has been lost.  🙁


Nic said something to me on the way home from the movies tonight that really got me thinking.  He said, “when I feel pain I will do anything to make it stop.  I have a high pain tolerance but when it gets too bad I go to the doctor and get checked out.”


Now granted he was talking about physical pain, but all I could think about was emotional pain.  Why do I put up with it?  Why do I let it eat away at me?  The answer is simple…hope…that little spark of hope that someday this will all work out dulls the pain just enough to make it bearable.

2 thoughts on “A New Start”

  1. Looks like you and I had the same idea. I’m trying to figure out everything too…except I can’t really find my hope anymore.

  2. I used ujournal a long time ago before livejournal became big. I lost years.

    I’m slowly learning not to let things eat at me. In the end it causes anger and resentment. Then you blow up. Talk to someone about what’s eating at you. You can’t live forever unhappy.

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