Book of Circus sex?!?!

Oh…My…God…KUROSHITSUJI BOOK OF CIRCUS EPISODE SIX!!! I did not expect it to go into that much detail with the Sebastian X Beast scene. I thought it was going to be like when he did the nasty with the nun! NOPE! This showed more. Me and my cousin are watching it together because he watched the anime with me. I talked to him on the phone and he said he was coming up here tomorrow to watch it with me so I better not watch it without him! Well, I did and now I’m not sure I should show it to him…Oh well! He’s seen shrek is love shrek is life and two girls one cup. I think he can handle this.

He’s coming over after school around three. He is not going to be happy when he finds out I watched it without him. It was worth it though. I mean come on?! Any anime/manga lovers out there and any Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler as some know it as) you know what I’m talking about. Sebastian, hell yes! But this whole scene with Beast, I think those feelings we had for that stupid nun came back when we saw Sebastian touching Beast.

Stupid animal trainer. He said it was only to get information, but we know it’s because she’s an animal trainer and Sebastian loves animals…I fangasimed hard core. Stupid Beast!!!!! HERES WHERE TO WATCH IT!!!

You know you want to. Come on. That awesome picture of Sebastian can make anyone do anything!! You know you want to 😛 …You know you want him.

Signing off


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