Felling Stuck.

Right now I’m at a point where I’m losing everything close to me.. I would’ve never thought my life would end up the way it is now, these are my teenager years I should be living them happy not sad and letting days pass by. I’ve experienced “love” before but I didn’t think it would hurt so much, people used to make it look easy when I was younger, I honestly don’t know what is love, I’ve been getting used to being hurt lately. being in love with someone and they break you and then falling in love with a different person, thinking that everything would get better but instead things got worst in my situation. In the end I’m left alone.. again. I don’t know if it’s depression or if it’s just something everyone goes thru being a teenager. Day by day passes and I get this feeling where I don’t want to speak to nobody I just want to cry and shout at one person that understands me but knowing that person doesn’t really care or he’s just a pain in the ass I fell like he really doesn’t understand me the way I think he does, but that feeling hurts. Things get complicated often, I just want to get to you, I want to be with you all the time, I want to be the one that you run to with all your problems and I could do the same, I want to be your everything, I want to be on that real shit with you.. none of that “squad” shit. Forget your homies, because I’m the true one to you, I wouldn’t leave you there for anyone else, I would never use you.. I just want to hold you again. Being in love with you kills me, I just want you to understand that I don’t want anyone else I just want you, I know every other girl might say this to every other guy but I mean it. Right now we separated. taking a little break from each other because you have to do what you have to do and bring that money home baby, I’ll be here waiting for you spending my time in school trying to finish so we can have a perfect future together, I just hope when you get back you still love me the same way you did before you left, I don’t want you to change on me because I would never change, don’t ever forget that I’m your real one, the one who has your back no matter what you want to do, the one who isn’t fake with you, because I am you one and only true babygirl, I hope you really understand.. I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for always being there for when I need you, you know me, you know how to calm me down you know how to explain things to me you know when something is wrong with me.. I know I got to be stronger I cant give up.. keep that head up, like you say. Thru everything that has happened to me I am still keeping my head up, there has been so many times where I just wanted to give up and you where there to save me and help me.. baby I love you don’t you ever forget.. Yours Truly. Nenahtaz ..

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    one last thing. Know Your Worth, You are royalty

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