Run Away

what happened to us

to the days when we hug nd kiss

what happened to the love we shared

when nothing mattered when we really cared

whats gonna happen a month or two from today

when our goodbyes come what will u say

today tomorrow yesterday all we do is fight

whens the perfect time

for me to just runaway

whats gonna happen that very day

I cant take this any longer

my heart my mind it wonders

why has ur love faded

I just wanna get too faded

sedated on that taylor

get a mouth like a sailor

call u on the celly

tell u im in the telly

u aint next to me

im going fckn crazy

im thinking of just leaving

running away my heart is bleeding

u chose ur path ima chose mine

id rather lose u than sit here blind

knowing it will never happen

& there u go its a joke ur just laughing

im done with it all its time to run away

f*** u too that’s all I gotta say..


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