Things that ‘used to’ go bump in the night

Things still go bump in the night, but have you ever noticed that such things that ‘do’ seem to go bump in the night always happen when no one else is around but the person it seems to happen to. In other words, when such things ‘do’ happen it’s useless to articulate it to anyone, 1) no one would believe you, because it never happened to them in ‘their’ normal lives , 2) what ‘proof’ were you , or anyone who it happened to, able to collect or to show anyone ? However, it still happens to me to this day, as I said-only when others aren’t around to witness the same thing. One such incident happened just the other night while sitting at the computer when my speaker was turned completely down, it just abruptly burst with a popping sound without anyone around it but myself. Such things ‘cannot’ be explained away.

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