16 Weeks

I am a high school student and am 16 years old. I also attend college because of a program I am in. Anyways, high school started for me last week and this week college starts. The whole point of this is because I signed up for a college class on Saturdays and I thought it would be a good thing. I haven’t attended that class yet, but the thought of having to be away from this guy for 16 weeks or 4 months because I only go to my aunts house (which is where he lives) on some weekends and now I won’t be able to see him. I know that within these 4 months I will at least go once to visit, but it is killing me to know that I have to wait for so long. Every day I think about him, people say it’s not love, but I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if I am making a mistake and I have tried ways to get over him (not that I want to, but for the better), but it seems impossible. It has been four years since I have liked him and possibly fallen for him and I have tried several ways to get my mind off of him and it doesn’t work. Something always pulls me back to a memory and that’s when I fall apart. I miss the way he looked at my and the way he was always so nice to me and how he got under my skin. Honestly, he really do anything that girls would automatically fall for him, but somehow I did and it hurts. I don’t regret it, but I just want to be at least around him and get the guts and talk to him. For a girl to be falling for a guy like a celebrity because of their style or how they look is not how I fell for him. Because he doesn’t look to die for, but he doesn’t look that bad either. I don’t mean that I wouldn’t like someone that is described ugly, because I would and I am not that type of girl who looks at guys based on how they look. I just really miss him.

XOXO lizquiet

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