I find thst loneliness can kill you.it can make u depressed to the thoughs of suicide. I have this saying repeated over and over in my head.Your nothing and nobody.my head says this all day long and thats how I feel.no friends no family no nothing. Just me with a job I hate and a life that hurts everyday. Ive battled depression and bipolar most of my life and now im 28.life sometimes is just to hard and I dont have any coping skills.I handle life by going to work that I hate than coming home drinking till I fall asleep than get up for work again.I thought about doung drugs but I dont wanna b hooked to where all my money goes on that.still maybe I will. Im just tired of feeling worthless and uncared for. Shoot I dont even care about me or my life.just tired of being nothin and nobody.

5 thoughts on “loneliness”

  1. torey i have family and i have people around me … but i still feel meaningless … i don’t understand the meaning of my life …. i find every happiness temporary … but i want to realize the importance of things i already have … i want to value them all .. before i lose any of them …i am not happy probably because i am not with the things i am made for …

    for you all i can say is that you should see people around you who are living a worse life … they are on roads … they are in jails …. some are captured by pirates …where they cannot eat of their choice … full of their heart …..

    other thing you can do to feel peace is that …. you should start helping people … doesn’t matter in what way …. but helping others gives you peace and happiness of heart … people will pray for you …. trust me !!!
    you will feel happy inside …..

  2. you would be somebody for people you are going to help … they will be your family …. you will get rid from the idea of being nothing and nobody … you will be somebody for someone… you will help unconditionally ….

  3. Hi if possible please email me. arri.sanders@gmail.com
    one last thing. Know Your Worth, You are royalty.

  4. There are lots of people thinking about the same thing like I did and still do sometimes. Please don’t think you are nothing or nobody cause you are NOT!

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