No Reply. People taking advantage of your being.

A Little minded Girl (21yearsold) Name Stephanie Decatoria. Working Mother who doesnt take responsible action neither taking self-iniative. And who runs away from credits and depts of hundreds of people whom she intends to call it friends for financial excuses in her life. Can you relate with this topic when whom you thought as a friend took advantage of your kindness, borrowed money, materials, gave them shelter to stay, feed them and yet when you asked for their credits that they borrowed made them ran away and escaped from you, makes excuses and is the one who files reports and the one who got angry? If so, then you can continue to read this 🙂

How i met Stephanie Decatoria was at work when we first met eachother while applying and both got hired. We then became close friends. Until we see eachother everyday and had good moments as normal friends would do. She asked for few amount of money at first bec, of little excuses and told me that she would repay it back. Ofcourse, i would hand it to her even though i have little left for me bec, i trusted her that time.

On Saturday 2012 i got surprised when i came home late night with my father and sister, she was there standing in front of my door and said that she had to stay over night at my place bec, she couldnt find a place where to sleep and told me that she couldnt sleep at her boyfriends place due to his parents presence. well, stephanie’s real home was too far out of the city and she had problems with her family about finance. So, even though personally i dont like surprise visits with surprise sleep over at my place but, its the first time so, it would still be ok if she would sleep at my place even though it made me so angry. so, i didnt say anything and let her in the house and let her sleep. The next Sunday morning i was asleep outside the living room bec, she occupied the whole bedroom last night. She woke me up looking fresh from the shower and asked me if she could borrow some clothes bec, she had to go to church and she has no extra clothes. well, i just said ok. Then i slept again. After few minutes she woke me up again and was so well-dressed wearing my favorite top that was a remembrance cloth from my house keeper who left a year ago. She was well-dressed, i can even smell my own perfume and seeing her face filled with my makeup kits. It was enough to make me think that she has no morals, shame and respect. But, still i didnt say anything bec, i thought she would return it back. But, didnt.

There were other times in my house that she even borrowed my new shoes that i just baught for school while my other friend name “Erna” was with us. I thought again that she would normally return it back. but, didnt.

There are many times that she came into the house that i normally offer foods and drinks to her but, in that case this is normal. I do that with all my friends. I always wanted my friends to feel home and to make their own foods.

Now about the money which is not “JUST” money. I personally give money to friends in need. Even though its very little left for me. She many times borrows and makes reasons of why she borrows. So, i honestly felt bad for her reasonings and so, i hand it to her.

Now other day which i wont forget and which i caught her later. She slept over my place again. We were sitting and talking having a good time in my room until i got out of the room for awhile. I forgot why did i got out. But, then while i was out i heared she was talking on the phone, so i entered back into the room to check on her and it seems like she has a problem written all over her face. I didnt really understood what was exactly she talking about bec, she was speaking in Ilonggo dialect which i dont really speak. Then, After her call ended. She right away told me her story that one of her cousin was having an ilness issues he was having “dengue” and it was an emergency that he had to go see the doctor and promised me that she would pay me back. So, i felt bad about it and i understand it was an emergency. But, i didnt expect that she would ask money again for 500php. “aww i wish i can help but, i dont have money at all.” so stephanie answered “how about your dad? i really need it bec, iam worried about my cousin and i promise i will pay him back” says stephanie sobbing with depressing face and trying to convince me several times. well, by that time i was ashamed to ask my dad bec, i never ask money from my dad. But, then something came in my thoughts that its a persons life that is in need and its important to save one’s life. So, that pushes me even more to ask my dad for 500php plus i trust her promises. But, i got surprised my dad handed me money for her. Then, i gave it to her she was showing how thankful she is. I told her “dont thank me 🙂 what are friends for? its your cousins life go to him.” By the end of the days she didnt pay it back.

So days, months passes by still she continues to make family reasons for her borrowing money from me but, there was no pay backs that i recieve from her. It is not in my nature to remind someone to pay it back bec, patience is the key and i dont want to annoyingly remind her. I just put trust in her that she would pay back. She owed me in total of 1,500php.

Then, one day there was a time that i wanted it back bec, i really needed the money for myself that i was lacking. I texted her several times and she doesnt really reply my texts until one time she made a set plans that she would pay it back by that date and time. So, i left her and marked that date and time as she promised. But, when that day comes she never came and made other excuses for other days. Until one day i was really lacking and got alittle irritated so, me and my other friend “Erna” thought of going at her working place and catch her there, Good thing Erna knows the time end of her shift. Then we went there and sat until she comes out of work. Until we saw stephanie went down the stairs with her other co-worker they were about to get out of the place. When Erna called her before she gets out. Stephanie’s smiling face was no longer smiling, her face switched into guilt, scared and shame and came to us without her co-worker. Stephanie sat with us and explained why she couldnt pay bec, she doesnt have money. But, after talking formally with her and gave her a straight hard look in her eyes. she paid me just 300php and said she will pay back in the other days and promised me again. She even showed my her wallet that that was only the money she has left.

Now by that time i caught her lying you know why? Bec, when i opened the topic about her owing me 500php, she interupted me by saying that bec, she had no electricity and her aunty was expecting her to pay that electric bills. Ahhhh now thats was its all about?? I told her “Oh i thought you said that it was your cousins? I gave you that money for your cousins life. Asked my dad that is totally against my will for money to give it to your cousins and now your telling me that its for you paying your electric bills?? You lying to my face steph? Your words are changing steph.” She didnt answer me and gave me alook of guilt her eyes got bigger and scared. she just said “iam not lying” and then talked to erna in illonggo. THen, i got shocked at erna that erna looks like she understands her side. As i expected her to go against her. But, that was not a problem for me that time bec, I put in mind that erna was just being nice. Then, i just accepted the 300php. And my last words was to pay me back the remaining. And stephanie was making up dates and telling me that she would text me for that and promised me that she would pay back the remaining by other week bec, she had alot to do with her money for her family. well, i just said “i dont care about your family all i want is you taking responsibility for what needs to be done, by what you owe me. “

And that Steph owe me in total of “1,200php” its been 2 years till now 2014 didnt marked her words. She Got pregnant by a baby girl “Samantha Abigail” 2013 without marraige by her boyfriend “Elijah Villamor” a son of a pastor, my ex highschool classmate.

On June 26, 2014 “Shane” My Best Friend, My Family, My Cousin Pushed me months ago to tell stephanie to pay me but, i didnt want to push stephanie too much and that was probably my bad. On this day june 26 we texted her bec, on that day i was nearly lacking of money, what can i say? Iam just a student Stephanie is a worker. We texted her and shane pushed me to bec, its my rights and yes it is and she made points plus that there is now a reason for me to ask for it even though its against my will as a person to do so since i dont like reminding someone their responsibilities. While we’re texting Stephanie replied by making up another excuses that she really doesnt have and that she has already a baby to feed that she even couldnt afford to by milk for her baby girl. well, i replied that “this was 2 years ago steph! that was even before your baby came!! Plus i dont care about your baby or your family or whatever excuse your going to make you should pay me by now bec, i need it by NOW!” After along conversation she made up a plan and a promise that she will pay by august 15, 2014. I checked that it was Friday i thought about the time and place but, it was too early for that. So, I tried to convince her to find ways for now but, she explained that she couldnt pay me for now as she has no Job and is still applying for a Job and estimated by august 15 she will get her salary as soon as she is hired in a callcenter job at “Transcom” and acknowledge me that they usually pay every 2 weeks and in that she can save it until it reaches 1,200php in order for her to pay to me by complete! Shane didnt agree but, i agreed i said lets give her another 2 months and mark her words. Bec, if not we will file a complaint. Stephanie even texted that we can file her a complain at transcom and even gave the company’s number for me to complain. I know it was her ways to convince me to wait another 2 months and to believe her promise again and even to shut me up for 2 months. I gave her that chance and I stand my words that if she didnt i will file a complaint everywhere as possible. Then, I told stephanie to update me every other day to keep in touch with your plans and words and to reply me as possible. she said “Ok” As we ended the text with a plan to meet up on august 15. Shane even knows that she was doing this to shut me up. So, i told shane “yes i know that, That is why starting from now going to august 15, i will keep reminding her. I dont want to do thesame mistakes again!! I will keep on reminding her so that she wont make any excuses for not knowing what it has to be done and for her to remember each days!!” So, Each week i reminded her about august 15 pay day by complete and that iam expecting it. She never replied nor gave any signs as if i were talking to a dead person.

The week of August has started!! On the second week of august. Sunday August 10. 2014 i planned to remind her everyday instead! I reminded her by texting “Hi steph. This coming Thursday iam expecting you to reply me. Bec, we need to make plans in how we will be meeting on friday!. so, text me and reply me this thursday! dont ignore us. Reply us on Thursday. Rana.” I did this bec, i do not want her to make excuses that she dont have load nor her battery went low nor her phone was shut down on thursday! I reminded her thesame text every single day until thursday 14, of august, 2014 comes!

Thursday 14th of august, 2014. Waking up by 10:30am expecting a text from her but, still i hold on to my patience to her ignorant behavior. I texted on my way to college by 12pm and texted her “Hi steph. Today is Thursday as iam expecting you to reply me today. Iam asking about where are we going to meet up tommorrow? and what time? Iam looking forward for you reply. Rana.” Until mintues and hours passes still she didnt reply my repeated text messages. Shane was already pissed off by how rude stephanie’s behavior is and wanted to curse at her by texting her. But, I told shane not to text her any rude ways bec, we need to hold on to our dignity and i dont want this to be her reason of not paying me by tommorrow. But unfortunately around 2:30pm at class i didnt expect shane would text her behind my back by using F word at stephanie for being rude of not replaying me back. She basically texted stephanie Using “fucking………” not Fuck you. so, basically its obvious shane is cursing at the problem that she makes not at her personally. Until when i was away for awhile due to i was in my sculpture class, Stephanie texted shane about how shane talks and treats her. So, Shane was making up points of her not fucking taking responsibilities for this and has no respect towards Me and how she advantage of me and how i was formal and that she was not formal bec, she kept ignoring my texts and its a bitchy way of doing it. thats what basically Shane said to stephanie. Until stephanie took the word “Bitch” and “Fuck” personally. Till stephanie got angry and finally texted “Dont fucking sold at me whenever you text me.. i know shane you the one texting me.. rana will not use that fucking word she’s educated person.. you dont pay me just to scold at me.. cant you wait for my reply???? iam a busy person and i have work i dont use my cellphone that much if you fucking use this workds again i will not show up instead.. u let me feel insulted..!!!”and stereotyped shane as a Lesbian and insulted shane by saying “YOU HAVE NO SPACE ON THIS EARTH!! Iam not afraid of you” and even said “iborrowed money yes i told you i will pay why fucking text me as if i owe you and using profanity words against me ha? iam not afraid of you! ok? infact you dont have the rights also to be involved here its just between me and rana! dont act as if your concern cuz, you’ll gonna take advantage of her i know you! lol….” and steph also added “who da hell are you to treat me and approach me like that? do i owe you? even if i owe money from you thats you approach me? well ur such an illeterate person”  (who says your afraid bitch? . Now that’s already personal not business talk.Till stephanie included her soon to be husband) “Elijah Villamor” his nickname is “Yuri” to answer shane. So, he texted shane “Fuck you and FUCK OFF! Iam a business man i know how to deal with my customers iam the one who told stephanie to pay you on august 15 and i gave my words and i know how to stand my words you dont know my family here!!” Shane replied “Yuri shut the fuck up dude are you gay or something? you dont know our family in bacolod either! and this is a gurl talk! are you a gurl too or what? and STEPH WHAT YOU JUST SAID?? THAT iam a lesbian? like seriously? WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? AND I HAVE EVERY RIGHTS TO SPEAK BEC, RANA IS MY COUSIN YOU STUPID PEICE OF SHIT YOU PAY HER AND FUCKING MOVE ON!!! AND NEXT TIME DONT BORROW AGAIN FROM PEOPLE WHEN YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO PAY ON TIME!!” and “if you are really a business man you know exactly how to update your customers and to not ignore your customers texts bec, you should expect angry cursing customers!!!” Yuri didnt answer her so, steph took in place and responded. and even called shane on the phone. by saying not to call her bitch and to stop cursing at her. Bec, she claimed that shane is using profanity words at her and even told shane that she would not pay rana tommorrow!!. Later when their call ended as shane hangedup, during class i didnt notice shane that much bec, i was busy with my sculpture until shane told me about stephanie calling her, I was surprised!!! bec, i told shane not to curse at her for now and i know she will use those words as a defense for stephanie not to pay me!! and i wanted to report without any mistake of my side! But, clearly shane was soo mad that she cursed at the problem in front of her. But, then i noticed shanes texts that shane wasnt cursing “AT HER” she was actually soo mad and cursed normally “AT THE PROBLEM” of her behavior. Then, that made me alil fine with it. So, I personally just repeated my text “Hi steph. Today is Thursday as iam expecting you to reply me today.I heared about your conversation with shane. well, its rana here and Iam asking about where are we going to meet up tommorrow? and what time? Iam looking forward for you reply. Rana.” there were no reply so i just resend the text again, no reply as well. I additionally added by saying “Its me rana steph. I just finished with my work. I heared what happened. Just dont take anything personal and stick to the plan and politely reply me bec, i do get insulted that you didnt reply me. we meet up tommorrow 11am sm mcdonalds ok?” Until few minutes later she texted at shanes number talking in ilonggo dialect and found out the translation in english that she said “Do you even understand?? Dont keep on nagging and nagging and texting me. I already promised you!! and you just WAIT!! Bec, I never forget my promises!! Good to nag alot but, iam not this kind of person who doesnt have any education.” I told shane to text her to reply me instead!! .. Then shane texted her not to text her but, to text rana on her phone not here. But, then again she didnt reply shane nor reply me. I again resent my text with my name in the last with no reply!! I additionally texted in shanes phone by saying “Since you dont reply my texts i will make my own decision firmly and i already made up a decision that you will meet me tommorrow 11am sm Mcdonalds. i’ll expect you there tommorrow. Rana.” Then, Funny she replied right away saying “9am jollibee luzriaga street…” I didnt like that informal atitude so i texted back “No, 11am sm mcdonalds i already said it since you dont answer my question. i’ll expect you there. tommorrow. rana.” I obviouly controlled my anger. “She meant to make one of us angry so that could be her reasoning for not paying back tommorrow. She replied you but, never did she replied me!! Even if you are argueing with her she still should’ve texted me and atleast answered my question and to atleast tell me to stop you.” That is how an educated person should do.!! And if she were educated then she would have not replied you but, replied me. anyways if she were educated this would not even happen!” that’s what i said to shane. “Lets just wait and see tommorrow the truth will be tommorrow. She made that plan for tommorrow? Lets see if she marks her promise. I dont wanna talk for now nor meet her bec, the plan is to meet tommorrow. A plan is a Plan!!. Deal is a Deal.” i Additionally said to shane. Shane wanted me to atleast return the rude ways at her back as i have every rights to do so. But, i said “No sometimes you got to be feed the wild dog. In order to be tamed. And in that way you can get what you want.” Shane now understood. That night i texted her thesame text in my phone no.”11am sm mcdonalds ok?? reply me asap. This is rana. Reply here.” still no reply, “reply me this is rana i just wanted a confirmation from you.” still no reply. so i texted her husband saying “hi this is rana can you let steph reply me?? iam talking with all formality its very ignorant of her to ignore a planned text. or else i must have to loose my sense of respect to her. Kindly tell your wife to reply me now.” and “I just wanted to confirm that i will meet her tommorrow 11am sm at mcdo. Rana” then i texted steph “steph i said answer me! its rana! i told you to reply me dayz before that!! i sid you will meet me 11am sm mcdonalds ok??” no reply still. then i added “Just say ok. we meet sm mcdo 11am. as a confirmation. Rana. Reply here.” No reply as well. I didnt stop until i was going to bed. I got alil angry but, i told myself that we will see tommorrow. not the right time to go angry at her yet. Shane said “iam afraid ranz that she wont be paying tommorrow i know. What are you going to do if she wont pay?” i answered “Its ok we will just see tommorrow, LIke i have said before i will file a complain to the police, her work and even the younglife church community which shane told me about that someone who has the authority to do so. Isnt yuris father a pastor? it would shame the family. No worries we have every rights and evidence to complain. Bec, i stand my words. And i will get this done!! she doesnt take self-initiave? But, i will!!”

Friday August 15, 2014 The Deadline. Before going to college i texted her formally as i always do.My controlled irritation irritates me but, i still have to remain my dignity. I texted her “meet me at 11am sm mcdonalds. Rana.” No reply. After my class of 9:30 till 10:30am me with shane. I texted her “Iam now on my way to mcdonalds. Rana.” no reply. Then on my way i also texted yuri Saying “Just pls let ur wife come. I wanna speak to her nicely so that we wont hold any grudge and move on peacefully. Rana.” i repeated it 2 times. No reply. As me and shane reached sm mcdonalds the mall was crowded, fast foods were crowded as its sales today. i texted “Iam here already i’ll be waiting. rana.” no reply. Shane and I got hungry so, we ate at KFC at the other side. I Said to shane “lets go and eat at KFC better.” Bec, the food in mcdo is not that good. Then shane said “How about steph? she might be here and we’re not here?” i answered “Filipinos doesnt come on time. Plus i know steph she doesnt like waiting for someone, Iam sure she will find ways to call me or text me that she is already here in mcdonalds.” Shane agreed so, we went to eat in KFC. Until Naira (My Sister) came to meet up with us so that we can tell her what happened. so, after telling naira it already pasts 11 like around 11:05am. we 3 of us went to the mcdonalds it was crowded and stephanie wasnt around. I kept texting her “its almost 12 steph wer are you? dont make me report. I know alot of people here. rana. Reply!” no reply “I dont like waiting for nothing. Rana” until i got angry bec, i waited for long and i have class by 1pm so i said “I dont have enough time steph where the fuck are you?” no reply. until i couldnt handle it i went to buy load to call her. even though, i dont have enough money. After i baught load to call her, as i dialed her number, i found out her phone was switched off! so, i called yuri’s phone it was also switched off! like son of a bitch! the bitch is a coward. I knew that she doesnt have the money she thinks that she would make me shut up for addition of 2 months now?? Pfff… She is not going to run away. So, i texted her “you closed your phone ha? the more you close and try to escape the more i wont stop and the more the problem gets bigger!! this is rana dont say u keep ur promise when its proven!! ” Until i entered my class there were no reply from her nor her soon to be husband yuri. she already crossed my limits and i thought of making a post on status on facebook and tag her name.

So, when i got home from class I for real posted a status on facebook about her. I didnt want to do this bec, some people would think iam wrong as what i did thesame thing in the past. but, i have rights and i want her to get ashamed and let people know!! she made me do this. so i wrote and tagged her name on facebook:

“Stephy Decatoria “Stephanie Decatoria” The more your going to run away and trying to escape from me the more your going to make the problems bigger!! what? scared bitch? You create your foolish Consequence, now deal with the results of your ignorance!! Ofcourse I will still remind you bec, i have no trust on you bec, you keep making promises that you dont know how to stand and keep and yet your the one getting angry?!! Why are you taking shits personally? I thought your informal so-called “Husband” Elijah Villamor who calls himself a business man which he is only an unemployed “BABY SITTER” between “OUR conversation” just to defend your hopeless fat ass who doesn’t even know what is personal talk and what is business talk!!! Elijah stop being a gay/lesbian whatever your gender is and include yourself in this bec, iam not asking to MARRY your illiterate wife!bet your the only animal who looks at her face!Stephanie I can talk personally against you if i want to!i promise you, You will hold grudge on what i’ll say, i know exactly your weaknesses you have already pushed me through my limits! It takes me one day to prove my loyalty and generosity and 2 years of patience with your irresponsible behaviors and your fake ways. DON’T YOU DARE MESS with members of my FAMILY!! She has every rights to remind you to take responsibility of your actions that you’ve deceived on.You call her that she has no place on this earth?? Well, i pity your child bec, she came by accident with aborted siblings plus came from a mother whos been raised by a cheater.Doesn’t mean every people that you use, they don’t know how to stand on their own means iam thesame shit! No bitch I Will report the police, file a complain at your working place, report the community who has relation to your church and that will obviously come to your informal so-called “HUSBAND”‘s father who is a “PASTOR” Shame on you “DECATORIA” you just shamed your husbands name “VILLAMOR” you fraud you push me to do this publicly. I know you dont speak human but, if i give you this _|_ thats probably the only thing you’ll ever understand bec, thats obviously how you make a living with!! You are messing with a wrong person. You are just plain Worthless and lesser than an earth worm!! Now continue to run away. Continue Hiding yourself Untill your life ends full of guilt and shame!! Cause thats your purpose of living!!!” … Shane and i just commented eachother about this posts half of the main story so that the public would get this story straight clear.

Saturday 16, august 2014 the next day. Woke up from stephanie’s 3rd texts at shanes phone again. Saying “Go ahead! file a complain iam not afraid………” (who says again ur afraid? we’re not scarying you lol.) “…… i can pay what i owe you even last thursday but, with the words of shane i can also file a complain for her! its just money you i know i can pay that……” (then why make issues bitch? why make me wait bitch?) “…….no republic act states bout that i can pay what i owe but, with your insulting words that abused me as a person with ur texts that i saved i can also complain and the call yesterday that shane told me a bitch its recorded….” (well, shane admitted that bitch, why insecure? stick the main problem bitch stop being immature) “……yes i maybe owe you the money but, you dont have right to stepped my dignity as human…..” (if you have dignity you would have paid and stick to your unfinished responsibilties instead of blaming others for you immature reasons. and if you are human why using the word lesbian against shane and words saying that she has no place on earth? and instead ur trying to file a complaint of human rights? pfff she making herself a fool in front of people childish. she think reporting shane that she uses only fucking.. and bitch is a joke to the court for human rights? pfff she dont know whats personal and whats business shane never uses words against her humanity, stephanie is just making herself a fool even more lol) “…..and using profanity words against me cuz, wherever law or judges you will go…..” (oh you think law and judges will take your stupid little chilidish reason seriously? bec, shane just said fucking bla bla and bitch? pfff what about you calling her more personal words and including the word family? haha that’s great if she wants to report bec, she will look even more like a fool.) “….. money can be paid but, being soo rude will just see.”  (money can be paid? wait a minute.. you think that you will win and by that you will get money from us by the act of shanes rudeness? hahah seems like she already find other ways to get money from ha? court. hahahaha pathetic using court for money advantages haha thinking that she’ll win well, yes is that what you want? we are definately going there!! haha… Steph’s 3rd text that i woke up from it saying ) “and by the way who is also shane to call me a bitch? and scold me?……” (she called you that bitch bec, you were ignoring my texts and your ignorant behavior with irresponsible nature that makes us wait for 2 years 7months and already 16 dayz is enough to make us angry bitch. shane got angry ofcourse at what you did. why taking it personally at you? insecure much?) “…..its just between us. Elijah? well he needs to defend me cuz we will pay as wat i have said why shane kept on texting fuck?…….” (Bitch its 2014 everybody says fuck when they’re angry. She say “fucking….” at the problem bitch.) “……who the hell is she?….”(and who the hell are you to make us wait for 2 years 7 months and 17 days bitch without any updates and even confirmation and even not marking your promises to pay me yesterday bitch?) “…..Elijah didnt involved between us just that on thursday that shane kept texting that fuck word…..” (common bitch you fucked elijah many times and aborted your own man kind without even marraige and now have one baby girl which i pity her bec, she deserves a better mom to raise her better than herself.) “…..actually iam not mad at you only iam very angry at shane! she dont even know me…….” (exactly bitch shane doesnt even know you that’s why shane curses at the problem you created not at you bitch. I thought elijah is a business man? haha he doesnt tell you wats business talk and whats personal?) “……i dont know her she dont have right to treat me as if i owe her!” … well, I say fuck you bitch bec, you owe me big for wasting my damn time for your irresponsible nature and disrespectful ways and taking shits personally and throw personal profanity words against us bitch and yet you report for human rights? pffff how stupid are you child?…. Steph continues “and also by the way i just want to let you know its all a story that i got miscarraige!! i never ever made that certain mistake if i d doctor will always knew that i’ve been pregnant before….” (Fix your english bitch i thought you a call center agent dealing with American customers bitch? dont lie to me that its just a story that you got miscarraige your the one who even told me that u aborted one plus you even told erna that you aborted your own kids dont lie bitch you just love to carry your big pride around you not accepting the truth) “….its just that i dont wanna be alone! i have fear with GOD if i do so but, i havent….” (fix your english call center agent of the U.S, Dont say you have fear to GOD, Dont mention GOD to your decietful behavior that you have done with others not just me!! This is business talk not Personal nor religious talk!) “….and fine! iam not afraid if you’ll complain….” (Bitch we’re not just scarying you, you little twat. why always mention ur not afraid? you think the whole time we are only scarrying you? like you always do to others? no bitch we’re not like you, we are really going to do it!!! You even said before that we can file a complain at your work you peice of shit!!) “….its just a money and its just 1,200….” (OH!!! (JUST) MONEY??? WOW!!! what took you soo long then???? Bec,if its “JUST” a money.. then why dont you “JUST” pay it? bec, to me its not a “JUST” money bec, i do own it and i needed it on time i need it bitch. “JUST” money? pfff then why so hard for you? bitch.) “…..did shane ask herself how mcuh she will pay me with her words throw against me?….” (Bitch your soon to be husbean elijah just claimed himself a business man did he not mention to you that we are like your customers that even if we throw F words to your stupid behaviors you will take it personal? pfff… good luck with your call center work bitch!! hope you can file all your customers to court bitch.!! hahaha pathetic little minded girl.) “…. maybe 4x of what i owe you!….” (Not maybe bitch You 100% 4x owe me bitch!!) “… its harrassing me!” .. well, good luck with reporting harrassing words against you bitch bec, we got evidence of you defining the word harrasment against shane! hahah .. Steph continues “Go ahead complain i’ll face that and pay you after that there will be no case anymore right?….” (i dont know with you bitch your the one is a queen of your own plan bitch.) “….but, i’ll let also shane face the consequence of her actions against me whos pretending to defend without choosing her words to text and call me!….” (well, shane will definately face the consequence as you wish bec, she said “fucking….” and bitch at you? awww ok 🙂 Dont get embarrassed with people at court alright? when we mentioned you calling her lesbian and having no space on earth and calling her illeterate and even ignorant ok? 🙂 that you defined the word “Human rights” “profanity words” “Harrassment” “Insults” 🙂 ) “…if you want i will accompany both of you!…..” (hahaha accompany us for going to file against you? hahaha bitch you didnt even come and face us both bitch! hahaha i really hope that this is true bec, iam going to seriously be happy and glad that you would come with us to complain against you :)) which is obviously you wont do it hahahaha bec, your scared of us!! 😛 ) “……then after that we will go to my uncle to my mother’s cousin then file a complain against shane!……” (dont just bring your uncle bring your family!! hahaha i want to embarrass you on front of them, you love to include people but, hate including my own cousin?! pfff… Why did you include your uncle? for what? is it his problem or urs? why dont you just face it alone just like we will do? lol) “…..i dont know both of you maybe….” (no bitch we have alot of people to come with us like the church community of “younglife” that way your father inlaw who is a pastor would get ashamed of you and reporting to your work “transcom” to the H.R about your behavior and mark it to your ressume and if you not pay then deduct your salary and also if it gets bigger bitch we came from EGYPT we got contacts to the embassy… But, why would we bring someone with us? i dont wanna waste their time when i know you wont even come and file a complain and face us lol!! and why would i bring someone else when its just between me and you? iam not that low minded little girl as you are! lol…) “……but, there is a disclaimer both of you dont know me as well ….. “ ( well, what we know about you bitch is that you are poor minded and always borrows money from alot of people and never pays it back.. a bitch who borrows materialistic belonging without permission nor to return it back, a bitch who only makes friend by being fake to get what she wants like finance. meaning your family has no status so dont act like you have something higher than us mentioning disclaimer and uncle or whatever just bring your whole family that’s it!!. We have rights and alot of social connections My father Graduated with Master degree n LAW!! that is enough to loose your pride and dignity and to shame you with guilt.) “…..and my family go include elijah in our story that might lead to another complain.” (BItch your the one who included elijah weither its really him or its you acting like its him both ways your making yourself in shame!! Another problem?? Didnt you look at yourself that you included my cousin as your main problem too? BItch you dont see yourself in the mirror of what you just said?).. What i usually replied to steph is to get her head back in the topic!! and told her to put shane on the side and even asked her why did you not reply a planned text to me and why your phone are closed when its august the 15th which is ur responsibilties? but, most of the time her issues was shane. Steph replied “How many times i need to tell both of you that iam not always using my phone its lowbat….” (Bitch its still your responsibilities if i have 150% of self-initiative and that’s your reason i would have come every second of the day physically to your face reminding you that you need to reply and load yourself to reply me on thursday!!! and what would you say bout that? which one is better bitch? ) “…… iam at work and i dont have load iam texting you if i have load…..” (Excuse me bitch? another lie? You never texted me excluding 2 years and 5 months, you never texted me for 2 months! that’s why i took self-initiative bec, you dont. to text you and to get updated that is supposed to be your responsibility to not me!! I texted you 1 week before thursday comes bec, i dont want reasons for you to say u dont have load and lowbat!!! pathetic unexcused excuses!!! “….why its not a reason that i dont reply then call me a bitch and fuck of me? am i right? …… “ (No bitch your wrong, We call you bitch and use fuck to the problem that you’ve made i know ur insecure bec, you believe your a bitch but, a deal is a deal is that hard for you?)“…..Go ahead file a complain.” (Dont tell me what to do bitch bec, i will. Why dont you accompany us then? 🙂 didnt you offer yourself to accompany us? hahah) addition text of stephanie “Will see if its not against me saying “you bitch! here in my record! and all those text who insults me!….” (well, its all depends on your thoughts. if thats how you see it.. how poor your are!) “……yeah its you but, i will not excuse shane of what she did to me i’ll pay you…..” (how many times did you say that for 2 years 7 months and 17 dayz that you wil pay me!!!) “…..but, u need to let shane face to my uncle first at the hall of justice.” (Why uncle? did shane texted him? why not you? YOur hiding behind your uncles back? Face it bitch!!! you coward!! if you want to include your family member!! BRING ALL YOUR FAMILY NOT JUST YOUR UNCLE!! IN THAT WAY YOUR ARE COMPLETELY HIDDEN!! AWAY FROM US.) So, i just texted her if she is sure about this? bec, youronly going to make a fool of yourself in the hall of justice for this childy reason you sure?…bec, shane only said that bec, she is my cousin and she is angry for your irresponsible behavior against me that you crossed my limits already!! and if you took responsibility earlier she would not even text you that!!! nor that would even happen!!! then steph texted “No! even last time she did say fuck at me! and i will not tolerate that!.” i just texted her back to grow some balls up and stop being immature with your little reasoning dont you notice how stupid you sound like steph? Grow up!!! stick your head to the main problem!!! stop bringing shane now its me and you!!! steph replied “that’s why its between me and you right? the y is it she’s involving herself to us?…..” (Bec, she is my COUSIN!!! She defended me!! bec, that’s what family are supposed to do!!! dont you have a family??? Yuri even he is your soon to be husband he is a guy!!! Hehas no RIGHTS to get involved to girls talk!! Bec, that only makes him less of a man!! he is obviously doing that just to impress you!!! you got impressed by that shit?? and him telling her to FUCK OFF? We are not asking for you hand in marraige bitch!!! for him to fuck us off!!! A real man has no way To treat a woman and speak to woman that way!! that’s the difference between including my female cousin and your gayish husband!! And then you want to include your uncle? is he gay too? pffff…) “…..she texted me and i have her text here! lol she text here first telling elijah is gay she texted first and she deserves it.” ( Deserve what bitch? your smelly pussy?!! Dont lie bitch we got evidence that she called yuri gay bec, you called her a lesbian first bitch!!! dont fucking lie!!! your life is a complete lie!!! You deserve to die than to live with a lie written over you face!!) steph continued “Iam not putting myself into problems!!…..” (then what is this bitch??)“……i can pay you maybe you should tell shane…..” (shane again!!!!) “…… she’s a big problem….” (Bitch you wanted to report about her bitch and you involved your uncle bitch!!! do you want to create a problem for your uncle too??? Like i said Deal is a Deal!!!) “…..really? she wont text me? how sure are you?…..” ( did i even mention bitch that she wont text you? wtf!!!) “….if every other day texting me and using fuck word against me…..” (dont lie bitch she just texted you only last thursday when you didnt reply my planned text!!!) “……its not 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th time she used that word against me its several times almost all her texts! if she cant face well then same thing i wont face you either!” …. ( YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY BITCH TO PAY ME BITCH!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WONT FACE ME?? YOU SAYING U BREAK YOUR RESPONSIBITIES AND YOUR WORDS? SHANE HAS EVERY RIGHTS TO GO DEFEND ME AS MY COUSIN!!! YOU HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS BITCH!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN SAME WITH YOU TAHT YOU CANT FACE ME?? YOU SCARED BITCH? I WONT BITE YOUR DISGUSTING ASS BITCH!!! WE BOTH HAVE PLANS TO MEET UP ON FRIDAY BITCH!!! IT WAS INFACT YOUR PLAN BITCH!!! DONT TELL ME YOU CANT FACE ME EITHER!! JUST ADMIT YOU MAKE SHANE AS YOUR DEFENCE AND EXCUSE BEC, YOU DONT EVEN HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY ME BACK!!! gosh this is the first time i would ever encounter someone with money issues. when i was in egypt never i encounter that nor money was an issue to everything!! low class filipinos are bullshits!!! why dont you just marry an old foreign and get rid with all of your financial problems like others does bitch!!!! wtf!!! steph continues “Excuse me? how sure are you? were engaged already and we will be married on our 4th anniversary ds coming nov. 20!……” (bla bla bla who fucking cares about that!!!! wheres your deal??? where’s your promise!!!???) “……did she told u she will not going to marry me? and tell him his gay? com’on making up stories!” …. (you obviously dont understand my texts the whole time. I meant that yuri saying fuck off to us is like seeing us as a threat that we will marry you!! he is the only animal that would look at you!! bec, he thinks he is a man of his words and trying to impress you you impressed with that/? pffff.. a man has no rights to speak to a waoman that way!!!) Steph continues “You know why? i didnt meet up with you?…..” (Oh comon bitch!!! plan is a plan. deal is a deal. You even said that there will be no excuses asshole! excuses again!!) “……iam angry at shane….” (awww do u want me to bring back your candies from her?) “……i might make a scene that cud make me illeterate and iam not like that!…..” (if your not like that, then why are you preventing yourself from meeting me up bec, you thought u will make an illeterate scene? if you claim your self that your not illeterate? pfff.. Bitch your ignorant not illeterate!) “…..i told you before if we meet up both of us only she’s not involved in here why should i meet her?…..” (Then why closing your phone and ignoring my text? why not telling me that you want to meet me up alone on friday? then ok!! lets meet up tommorrow why on the hall of justice only? lol just admit you afraid bitch.) “….and why she curse me? do i owe her d money?….” (well, fuck you i curse you. bec, you owe me!!) “…..n i told you before i dont use much of the phone….” (you should use your head and take responsiblity and dont say that you done use ur phone when you know there is something that you should steph up!!! pffffff) “…..if i cant reply dont have load…” (that is why bitch i texted you a week before thusrday to put yourself load and charge and reply me!!! so there will be no excuses bitch!!! pfffffff). “…..or i might be buzy…..” (iam busy too bitch!! you dont know how to set your priorities to fix your unfinished problems?) “…..i told you last time fixed time aug. 15!……” (bla bla bla 2 years ago you told me your fixed time too and i wasnt even reminding you!!)“…and i text you on thursday to meet me 9am! but, u insist and change 11am! i did text 9am on thursday bec, that’s my out……” (STOP LYING BITCH!! you texted me 9am right before when i said that since you dont answer my texts i make up decistion at 11am and in that very moment your the one who insisted 9am?? pffff you just got no words to say!!! your pride is even bigger than your body and your mouth is bigger than you brain!!)“….why she kept on texting me fuck and told me bitch?” (i even asked and repeated my question thing and asked thesame about why she not replying me? and why she didnt answer in my phone when i asked her to answer in my phone. and even shane answered stephanie not to reply her and to reply rana. But, still she didnt reply me.) She replied “This is the number that you always used it…..” (No, seriously? you just claiming it by yourself? dont tell me what i use to use. You dont have eyes and brain bitch to read my text or what? then your trying to disclaim yourself that you are not illeterate out of no where! pff) “……i already text thursday in the afternoon that i will pay 9am!……..” (dont make reasons bitch, i texted you first 11am sm mcdonalds bec, you didnt answer me! now dont blame others) “…. i did text her i dont have ur#….” (dont lie i texted you more than once in my number. even shane the number you texted to told you to text rana instead of her.) “…..and as what u have said ask her to text me then i replied her! informing i’l meet you 9am at jollibee downtown front of mcdo! dont try to escape what shane did!…..” (shane again!! bitch dont jump to subjects one and one.. infact is that i was the one telling you first 11am sm mcdonalds.) “…..i will not tolerate her! i dont have time for this.” (You dont have time for this? you think i have time for your empty bullshits? you think i have time for running around in circles and yet your not around? pfff if you dont have time and you know it then pay what you owe and live your life!!! that’s it!!!) I texted her of why she didnt reply in my phone instead of answering shanes texts? if you think its just between me and you then dont even reply shane!! simple! and just reply me!.. and i even asked why didnt you pay what owe on the deadline that you made?. her reply “do i need to repeat myself several times?….” (did you even give me the exact answer for the exact questions without including shane? dont act too smart little girl) “…..i told you il meet you 9am at jollibee i did text shanein d afternoon didnt she inform you?…….” (Didnt she inform you torespectfully text rana instead of her? bitch!) “….. cuz, my out is 9am and i dont have sleep yet then myshift will be 10pm again i have double shift….” (dont give me your personal life diary i dont care about you) “….. i wont stop about shane…..” (there we go again shane!!!!) “…..cuz she d reason why i got mad and insulted hinders to pay u!……” (your immature and patheitc stephanie just grow up!!! deal is a deal and plan is aplan it is not even my plan it was yours!!!) “……Let her face to my uncle then i’ll pay you.” (wow why face uncle? why involve your uncle? i thought its between me and you? and why face uncle? you dont know how to face alone? you hiding behind your uncles back? awww how cute) she continues “Ofcourse i need to make sure that i have the money on hand before i’ll inform you what time and where…..” (then why didnt you atleast text me during august 15 9am which is ur changed plan and tell me that you are already at jollibee? pfff) … “… iam out of load by for now i still have duty.” (ahh there she couldnt answer my questions bec, of guilt. and pretended she has no load.) and replied me “… cuz, iam asleep and iam angry to what shane told me and i dont wanna put that emotion to you! but, frankly i just want to face you, shane and i to my uncle then i’ll pay you.” (dont bring your uncle in a problem its you, me and shane! lol afraid? and since when your gonna face us both? when you didnt even know how to face me alone? pfff) then i even put the issue back in the topic of her irresponsible nature that she still has to reply me by that thursday bec, i reminded her a week before to load herself and take responsiblity and this was her plan august 15 to pay and is the one who disappeared!! .. She replied “how many times i told you?? this is the last time that i’ll keep repeating…..” (Repeating what bitch?? you didnt even answer my questions logically!!! whore! iam the one supposed to get tired of asking an unanswred questions!!! not you asshole!) “….. I DID NOT CLOSE MY PHONE IAM LOWBATT!!……” (dO U SPEAK ENGLISH?? THAT’S WHY I REMINDED YOU A WEEK AGO TO LOAD AND TAKE RESPONSIBLITY ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY TO REPLY ME!!! FUCKTARD!) “…. THAT’S WHY IAM USING THIS NUMBER TO TEXT AND CALL SHANE LAST THURSDAY!! GET IT??….” (BITCH IWISH I DONT GET YOU!!! BUT, DO YOU SPEAK HUMAN???HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD I FUCKING REPEAT THAT TO YOUR UGLY FACE!!!) … “…..ITS LOWBATT! 1 BAR THAT YOU COULD RING IT BUT IT WILL SHUT OFF AFTER! DONE, I NEED TO GO.” obviously no one could tolerate this kind of irresponsible immature behavior i even said dont you capitalize the words on me. and to take responsiblities and grow the fuck up! I already said it a week ago to load yourself and to charge!!! you pridey coward little whore!!! who lives on this small world with a big mouth with no brain!!! She continued with another number saying “This is bitch as what shane said….” (haha good that you know yourself haha i knew it that she was insecure.) “…. meet us monday 9am at hall of justice bacolod 2nd floor near 888 china town.. riding bata jeep.. reply on my number.. i dont have load now” (nice trick by saying she has no load.) anywayz i replied“ok we will be there at 9am!!!” (that’s what you wanted? ok.. sometimes you gotta play with kids games even its a stupid game just to make them satisfied either ways she will look bad haha…)

As we were patient for 2 days additional for stephanie’s plan to face her and her uncle at the hall of justice by 9am. I was in a deep sleep by 7am and stephanie tends to text me by that time bec, she knows i dont wake up early and make an excuse that i reply late and that she’s buzy again for pooping pff. 7am stephanie decatoria texted at shanes number again “I cant meet this morning.. tommorrow i’ll text you….” (DAUGHTER OF A FUCKING WHORE!.. i woke up and i knew it that you are afraid!!! you dont even know how to face us!!! regret much bitch??) “…..i have RD.. I dont have load… i’ll text tommorrow.” there are texts that i replied but, unfortunately it couldnt save nor send bec, the number she’s using wasting really her number it was a free text. that i have to reply to her number in the contacts. but, there were 2 texts thats just a continuation of the other deleted texts it finally sent saying ” Well, theres a big reason now for me to tell you fuck you! no wonder why you took it personallywhen shane call you a bitch!! bec, you bitch is just insecure little coward who loves to take life as if its a game! making ur own plan for hall of justice as a game that you dont even know how to stand your words! do you regret mentioning hall of justice? haha. I thought you said its “JUST” money? you cant afford 15php? and pay my 1,200 php? telling me elijah is a man of his words? you telling me that you didnt meet upbec, of shane? well, bitch meet me up alone and pay me!! u said you can pay me? you said its “JUST” money? they y dont you “JUST” pay me and done! move one bitch! you just proved to me your coward little girl with a big mouth thats bigger than ur head!” i added “You making up excuses changing ur own time to different time is lowclass and unprofessional of you! pff iam not your slave to follow you anytime you want! you think iam always free for you shits? i promise myself that this is my last time to follow ur own plan! i’ll just still stand with my words to report! RDOT? trying to confuse me bitch?and make it seems like its a big excuse? u are the most ignorant girl i have ever met! if you cant report shane then, pay me what you saidthat you owe! that’s it simple! now you didnt appear in the hall of justice? guess what bitch? u just gave me another idea to report!! Fuck you! oh this is Rana! the one you owe!!” I even added on my status on fb saying “Pfff… Hate this kind of people who couldnt stand their words and promises!! And not even that they couldnt stand their words and promises but, even said that they could stand their words and promises!! Pretending to report, made their own plan and date for meeting up and then changed their minds. What bitch? regret reporting to the hall of justice? pfff… Your just a coward little irresponsible girl who thinks life is just a hide and seek game, whos mouth is bigger than her own brain, The one who reports is the one who’s not even there!! This is my last time to follow your own plan that you even made an excuse, dont tell me tomorrow or after or next month instead!! I aint working for you bitch! You saying your not afraid many times out of no where! lol i didnt say that you should be scared of me bitch!Plus iam not only scarring you bitch, i will really do it!!! and you just proven it me that you are a coward!! Iam still going to stand my words to what i’ve plan doing so, you think iam like you bla bla behind texts only and bla bla as if your tryna toughin up? then not even a day you faced us? pfff. Pathetic. — feeling pissed.” and obviously as always no reply to my texts messages.

we are still on a process filing a complain about stephanie decatoria’s behavior and plan to file it at the hall of justice, working place call center “transcom”, church community who has connection to their church, we just already messaged the father and mother of elijah villamor as stephanie decatoria lives with them and escaped away from her mother. Messaged them and planned to meet them as they are ICM International Care ministry and ofcourse incase it gets bigger we got contacts to the Egyptian Embassy. I will not stop until i stand my words firmly and having the rights to stand and face criminal, betrayal consequences. …Rana…

“We all have approached by fake people who once we call it friends, we all might be approached by people who took advantage of your kindness, Then leaves you in the dust in times of darkness and betrayed you as mankind. I say you stand up for yourself with dignity, pride and respect with a diplomatic approach to fellow beings that you have every rights to stand for the truth! aslong as your telling the truth, No one can ever stop you!” – Rana.

“You create your foolish consequence, Deal with the result of your own consequence. As to blame others for your own mistakes is what defines you as ignorant.” – Rana.

“Iam a very patient person and i give plenty of second chances. but, iam not a saint i have my limits.” – unknown. (But that’s true)

“Never call someone a friend who has took you for granted.” – Rana.

“God knows the intentions of his creations of mankind through their hearts, If you know you speak truth with all your good intentions then, there is nothing to hide away from a harsh world.” – Rana.

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