sail baby dolphin.

wake up…. wake up…  ( soft whisper )
did i hear  something ? maybe. i don’t know. is there anybody in my room ?  eyes are fot and yet i don’t see any strange shadows on walls  or plafond .   not this time. air is  chilly and mood- more than lonely. room empty  and quiet as sands in mound after  shawl of tiers fade away slowly .  there is no boogeyman in here ,either light sparkle . ” The Nothing ” is  comming and i am Atreyu … allowed  to live in my own fantasy book .
only few seconds past but   feels like i  flow in sand clock again and again .merry-goes -round .wizard  is shaking that hourglass. my part in it ?  micro grain ,nothing more .
moonlight is so bright although moon by himself is dim . no need for milky way coz skin refleckt star dusts in all their beauty .
there is a dolphin outside the window.small one . if i would open the window he could fit there just fine . i invite you inside …be my guest sweety . thats what i thought in my head  but i am sure he heard  .
smile on hes very dolphin face ,playful eyes and soft touch with he’s fin made me think so  .
very magical looking he swims in night air like light feather . not clumsy at all. not afraid ,not surprised . and either do i .
a brave night sailer .
a lonely baby.

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