Why Are Some People A$$ Holes?

This evening’s vent is brought to you by the lovely town of East Lansing Michigan, where , unless you are 100% jock or 100% female model, you are the target of rudeness and ridiculous fits thrown by, not college kids, but full grown adults. It started while I was at work, which I haven’t been there for very long, this would be my third week on the job and still in training at Qdoba in East Lansing, and for a moment would like to give an awesome shout out to my co-workers who are all pretty awesome and understanding, btw!  Anyway, a gentleman came in about 5’10” possibly 6 feet tall, dark hair and at first a pretty nice person, and ordered a burrito in which I took the pleasure in making for him. Now at the end I need to roll the burrito and then wrap it and when I did for his, the burrito tore… or the tortilla ended up with a hole in it. So I do what I was trained to do and asked the customer if he would like me to re-roll it in which he did- now granted I don’t mind rolling the burrito again I have no problem doing so, but when I tried to lighten the mistake by saying, “Oh I seem to do this to your Burritos a lot, I’m really sorry.” is when the guy became a grade A asshole. so I get the extra tortilla and tried rolling the already rolled burrito in it, he very loudly said ” looks like shit, re-roll it”.  I thought to myself, um excuse me? wtf is your problem it’s just food dumb ass. So I went and got another tortilla, ripped open the burrito and re-rolled it again for the jack ass, all the while apologizing to the arrogant son of a bitch, which I should never ever have to put my integrity and self-esteem aside to apologize to a customer who is narcissistic by nature. Qdoba doesn’t pay me enough for verbal and emotional abuse by customers. NO restaurant does and I can see why people who work for McDonald’s and other fast food establishments want their hourly wage to go up because we have to sacrifice ourselves and our self-esteem to serve arrogant American people. All because his burrito wasn’t rolled correctly, he made sure to tell other customers within the line that the worker working tonight is a retard and that they should probably wait until I am not working to come in. Yeah, that is how rude this jerk was to me all because his burrito tore when I was rolling it and trying to remedy the problem. God forbid the man ever makes a mistake in his life and if he does, I hope he is made to feel as rotten and worthless as he made me feel as a human being. Karma’s a Bitch Ass Hole!!!!


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