I have always had quick changing emotions. I have never been very expressive of my feelings. I can be in a good mood one minute and then one statement (literally) can ruin my entire day. I never thought anything of it because that is how I have always been. I am easy to anger. I hate being ignored. I feel alone a lot of the time. I always feel like I care more for everyone in my life than they do for me. Sometimes, I think I am just needy. I expect too much from people…. But is that really true? I don’t really have friends anymore. Is that because they are busy with their own lives or because of the way I am? I suppose I will never know. I have seen a doctor that told me I am bipolar, but am I? This is “normal” for me… I don’t know any other way. I am on medication, but it is for depression. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed. Depression (to me) means suicidal and I’m not. I tried a different medication that gave me horrible side effects. I stopped taking it and have never gone back. I wouldn’t describe myself as a happy person, but I’m not unhappy either. People often tell me that I am a pessimistic person, but I would rather say I am realistic. I do have anxiety about a lot of things and it seems to be getting more intense with age. Maybe I am bipolar.

One thought on “Bipolar?”

  1. Sounds like it may be bipolar sweetie but who knows I’ve been told the same thing but I don’t think so meds seem to make me feel worse I’m a medium too so I see and hear people that others don’t so you can imagine what I’ve been told by shrinks so I stopped going but I rambling on about myself hope things are good your way I’m here if u want to talk

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